Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gone Hunting....

Well...after all of the excitement around here last weekend, the boys have officially left us!!! That's right, they got up at 3:00 this morning and headed off for Eastern Washington, in hopes of getting themselves either a whitetail buck, or a mule deer buck. This means that I have no camera until they get back, which really!!!
(Mule Deer pictured above)
This is Eric's second year as an official hunter, and he is really excited to get something again. I say again, because last year he shot a little spike, so of course this year, he wants to get something that he can mount on the walls of our "Man Room," or den.
Being the animal lover that I am, I harped on poor Eric to only shoot at something if he knows he can kill it with one shot. I have taught him that nothing deserves to suffer and that he should never take a shot at something to wound it first. Of course, who knows what happens when they are out there, without me nagging at them, but last year he dropped his deer with one shot, and I told him that he better do that again this year!!
(Whitetail Deer picture above)
About those team penning pictures...I keep checking their website, but she hasn't posted any yet. Doesn't she know that I have a blog, and that I need to get those pictures uploaded??? LOL!!
Have a happy Wednesday everyone!


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Tell the boys good luck...I'll keep my fingers crossed they get a couple worthy of hanging on the 'man-wall'-LOL.

Both my daughter and Chris' daughter are avid hunters. I love to bird hunt but have a hard time shooting a deer anymore. Don't matter though, cause I got my girl to do it for me now.;)

C-ingspots said...

Oh I remember those days when all the guys would go "hunting". Sometimes they were lucky, but most times, I think they just liked to go out in the woods and have a big old man camp-out - do guy stuff. hee hee Meanwhile, back at home camp us gals would go out for dinner, go to the movies and my favorite - junk store shopping. What fun!! Wishing them good fun and clean kills (if they must). I too, would never be able to shoot one of those beautiful deer with their big brown pool eyes. :(

Paige said...

We are not hunting people but my husbands dad was---and now his brother is. It really is like a religion for some people huh?

Gail said...

The guys around here are camoed and carrying. No luck yet.
Enjoy the quiet time.

jesterjigger said...

Holy crap, 3:00 in the morning?!? I don't think I like anything enough to get up at 3:00 am!

allhorsestuff said...

Mellie time huh!
Don't have to clean up and you can jsut go slow...well..maybe.
YEA...WHAaa is that gal thinking keeping you and us waiting on thos photos!

Melanie said...

All Horse-I have to tell you that your upbeat way of writing always cheers me up!!!! You are TOO!!!

Everyone Else-Yes, I am having some "Mellie time," although going to school everyday kind of sucks! Katie and I are definitely doing what we want though...teeheehee!!

lytha said...

"THE MEADOW!!" *frolic* - Bambi

Bambi's mother leaps between him and the meadow and says solemnly, "You must never rush out onto the meadow. There could be danger!"

Bambi shrinks to the ground under her and waits...

Sorry *giggle* I love that movie, but I would eat deer meat if someone served it to me.

Meg said...

I love to hunt and grew up hunting Mule's been forever since I've done it...boy do I miss it!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hi Melli ;)

So, do they also end up bringing slabs of venison home for you to cook up, too?
I'm pretty ok with hunting if it's more than just for trophies, I think. I'm such a wimp.
But I do love venison. Yummy!
Have you ever had deer jerky?
That's on my list of things to try :)

Gosh. I agree with All Horse. Whats up with those pics, eh? I'm just itchin' to see 'em :)

By the way, you and BoBo are my Million Dollar Friends :)

Come gather your award.

New Mexico

Angie Penrose said...

HOpe they are able to get something for the man room! :) Are you and Katie surviving? Mckay will be so excited to hear all about it!

ANGie :)

Stephanie said...

Tell the guys good luck from me too!

You already know I'm alright with the hunting - love venison! I can cook up just about anything you can catch outside. Have a couple of great recipes if you ever get bored and want to try something different...tell them to save the heart and liver - shoot me an email. Also have a good Duck recipe - cook it up Thai style. Sooo good!