Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I wasn't going to say anything about last night's election, because everyone has their own opinions about what went down, and I know that no matter what I say, people will still be up in arms, but I decided to do it anyway...
Whether you voted for Obama or you voted for McCain, you will have strong emotions about the outcome of the election, and I think that it is important to focus on the future of our great nation, and not necessarily on who won. This was definitely a close race when it came to popularity, and it saddens me that our country is still so divided about where we want it to go. I personally have always tended to vote more conservatively, but this year I went for the candidate that I felt would be the most likely to get us out of our slump and move us forward. Did I pick the right man? I have no idea...only time will tell, but I feel that we cannot continue on the path that we currently find ourselves on. My hope is that Obama will be able to bring some sort of unification amongst our politicians, as well as promote positive change, peace and equality.
Even though I supported Obama, I do not think for a minute that John McCain is a bad guy, and I feel that he truly is sort of a maverick/renegade Republican, but I also feel that if he would have been elected, some of the key issues that I want changed, would not have been changed. This being said, I was very impressed by his eloquent speech last night, and I hope that he continues to play a part in our government. (To me, what is so sad about last night's election, was that I agree with some of the issues that both of the candidates put forth for change, and I just wish that we could have a "somewhere in the middle" political party. Why does everything have to be extremes?) I also realize, and I hope that those of you who voted for McCain realize as well , that I will not agree with everything that Obama does, and that it will take a long time for our country to get out of the mess that we are in, but I think that if we try to work together to find common ground, we will be able to accomplish this much more quickly. Anyway...I am excited that my my husband, my children and myself were able to be part of this historic election, and only time will tell what the consequences of last night's election will be... either negative or positive.
PS-I would probably have written this even if Obama had lost, it would just have a different tone to it. :)


Adventures Of A Horse Crazed Mind said...

Well put Melanie. I commend you for taking a balanced approach to this whole thing...that nothing is black and white and that you dont have to hate one side to support the other. I dont know about you but McCain's speach brought tears to my eyes! I wish we had men like Obama and McCain in Canadian politics! We lack inspiration of any kind! It will certainly be exciting to see what happens, one way or the other.

C-ingspots said...

Happy Birthday Kiddo!! 34!? Damn girl, you're just a babe...wish I was 34 again and know what I know now - heehee(not that I'm all that smart yet!) Have a great time with your momma! Ahhh, the election - you brought up a couple of points that I neglected to mention. I don't hate McCain either. I watched a wonderful documentary on channel 10 a few weeks back that chronicled the lives of both candidates. It was superb! I now have a much greater respect for both individuals after seeing that program, however, in all good conscience I never could have voted Republican in this election - not with the way things have been going these past 8 years and I felt that OBama was the strongest candidate at this time. And I too felt bad for him - he was very gracious and genuine in his concession speach. And what you said about OBama being the antichrist!!?? Pure hogwash!!! Those bleeping e-mails and vicious rumors were being spread by people who like to spread fear and obviously don't know their bibles or they'd have a pretty good idea of just who the real antichrist is!! Enough said about that! Like I said - I believe in seperation of church and state. I don't think religion has ANY PLACE in politics - our country truly was founded on that principle.
p.s. please don't ever be afraid of speaking your mind - it's what makes this country great!!
p.s.#2 - No matter what happens, have peace knowing it's all gonna work out in the end!! I'm positive of that!
p.s. #3 - I'll do a better and more proper post of introductions sometime soon. :)
(I do just go on and on and on don't I?? kinda like the eveready bunny)I'll shut up now...really!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...


I appreciate your balance. I can tell that you, my friend, are a generous, kind, patient, concerned person. I admire you.

You know how I feel, of course. And I really liked what you left for me on my blog.
Who you voted for doesn't matter to me either.
I love you just the same :)


Melanie said...

Thanks you guys! Now lets hope that we can all come together as a nation a move ahead! :)

sidetracked said...

I'm Baaaack! Been readin up on your blog and glad to be back in the blogging saddle again. BTW Happy Late Birthday!hpatie