Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Buck Creek Adventure, Part Three....

(I know I am posting twice in one day, but I have to finish this so I can focus on my paper!)

So what did we decide to do??? Well Amber wanted to turn around and go back the way we came, but I put my foot down and said that we were going to walk down the logging/forest service road, until we either ran into another human being or we came to highway 410.
I hadn't been up this particular road in over 10 years, but I knew where we were, and I figured if it got too late, we could always call 911 and tell them our location...and we would be a hellava lot easier to find on a road, than on a trail somewhere.

Because the road was steep, and because our horses were weary, we led them down the road, which thankfully ended up only being four miles long. Unfortunately for us though, cowboy boots are not made for walking, let alone down a steep, gravel, road. The bottoms of my feet and the tips of my toes are still sore...lol!!!!
As we were walking, we decided that we would ask one of the many people who should be camping near the river, if they could give Amber a ride back up to Buck Creek, so she could bring the horse trailer back down to our new location.

Thankfully, about mile post three, we began to hear cars travelling along the highway, and right at four miles, we ran into a group of local guys-and their girlfriends-who were on their way up to cut firewood. We told them our story, and they agreed to take Amber up to Buck Creek. I stayed at Huckleberry Creek and let the panonies graze on the damp grasses and underbrush along an old road. And sure enough, about 25 minutes later....
... Amber came banging and clanging up the road. The horses heard her before I did, and boy were they happy!!!! So we untacked our tired panonies, offered them water from the trailer, loaded them up, and headed for home.
The only problem was that we did not have cell phone service for another 50 minutes, and it was now around 5:00. We were both hoping that Brad wasn't completely panicking, and that he hadn't alerted Kevin-my hubby-yet. Once we got back into town, I immediately called Kevin, who asked "Where are you???" and I told him, "We just passed the golf course."

He then said he needed to hang up and call a couple of my family members, because they were on their way up to see if we had made it back to the trailer yet. Long story short...we made it home safe, and in one piece....I must admit that I had a healthy respect for the wilderness before, but I really respect it now.
I am not riding out on trails unknown-trails that take you into a national forest-without sitting down and mapping a course out first. I will also be taking a compass, a knife, flint, and a first aid kit.

Now that we have ridden this magnificent trail, we will definitely have to do it again, but next time it will be planned!!! LOL!!!!

PS-All in all we rode the horses and walked/hiked around 13 miles that day. So much for a "quick loop," eh???? We also started out around 2100 feet in elevation and was about 5600 feet by the time we were at the highest peak/ridge. No wonder we were tired!!!!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Now that I've read all of your posts on your adventure. I have to say, It's a beautiful ride but a little dangerous I think.
I'm glad everyone made it out okay without having to call in reinforcements.
Good luck on your paper.

Gail said...

Someone else was riding with you that you could not see!

Paint Girl said...

OMG! What an adventure!! I always worry going out on new trails. I feel very good knowing our own trails, but taking off somewhere and going trail riding, not knowing, don't like that! Glad you got home safely!! I am sure your panonies were very tired! Now they will need a week to recover!

Reddunappy said...

Man what a day! Glad you found your way back before dark.

Patricia said...

wow...great reading..I could sense your worry about what decision to make...beautiful place to ride. I live my horseriding life through you.

Andrea said...

What a fun adventure! I would have loved to have gone with you. Well, not the whole, "we're lost" part, but for the beautiful scenery you got to see. I am glad you guys found a way down and ran into some nice people to take Amber to the trailer!! What an adventure!!

allhorsestuff said...

ooou...misssed so much in 2 weeks time! Holy crap!
Um..we DO NEED a GPS Mellie..I know that they are not all too exspensive by now..lets make a pact to get us one..we do love our outing adventures and also life too..!!Whew..so glad that went okay!

Great views/rides/ times!!! and I am planning to come to see you next summer...hope to have the truck by then.

Stephanie said...

Well haven't you had an interesting trip?

Man I have been there too - and still to this day head out without a map.

Hope your summer has been going well!

Sorry not much time to comment - but am reading all that I can!

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

Wow! So glad that you both made it out safe!! Guess this is someones way of giving a gentle reminder, eh? The trails look awesome though so I too would be anxious to get back and enjoy them without the worry of being lost!

Jocelyn said...

you girls had panonie angels that day for sure!