Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Did It To Myself....

(Pictures are recent ones I took of Jinx)

I am a terrible procrastinator!!!! There...I said it!!!!
I have been told that it goes along with my ADD-like tendencies, but it drives me-and my family!!-nuts.You know that research paper that I have been working and on...this summer??? Well I am almost done with it, which is good because it is due next week.
But even though I did the research for it, and have spent countless hours perusing through scholarly, peer-reviewed, evidence-based databases, actually sitting down and focusing on the task at hand is difficult.
Oh yeah, and have I told you that I really detest writing papers??? LOL!!!! The good thing about this is that I can use a lot of the info that I gathered for this paper, to write my senior thesis/capstone next spring...if I so choose, and with the professors blessing.So, even though I am really, really, really stressed out right now, and missing tons of family functions due to my own dysfunction, I may not be so crazed when spring semester-my final semester!!!-rolls around.
In theory, right??? (wink, wink!!)
And I have absolutely no idea what is going on out there in blog land right now, but just know that even though I am not able to visit and comment, I am still there in spirit. Hmmmm....does that sound kind of creepy??? LOL!!!


Gail said...

I was afraid you were going to tell me the dog ate it!

Cara said...

I understand the procrstination. Not the why, but the way it feels. I got over that after college and generated many many scientific reports, not to mention a huge amount of Inter-Office Correspondence.

Now days, required writing is grocery lists and permission slips.

Paige said...

Since all I do for work is research and write, I totally get this. I usually have several projects going at once, and man, when I finish one, I feel like I could take on the world.

But it has been a couple of weeks, so I guess I am due to quit screwing around and get on it.

good luck!

Paint Girl said...

I love your Aussie! Is his/her (sorry, don't know what sex your Aussie is!) always so wavy like that? Cool!
Hope you get that research paper done! We all know you are busy, I think all of us have been, fall and winter is right around the corner. So that will probably give me more computer time. I am not one for being out in the cold and wet!! Brrr!!!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

It's always been one of those fine lines for me. I always tried to get my research out of the way as soon as possible. Made lots of notes, etc, etc...but I usually only write well under pressure. Sooo, it was inevitable that I would still be writing my papers the day before they were due.

Hope it all comes together for you!;)

jrosey said...

Ugh. Papers. Ugh. Blech. Nothing much worse. I completely feel your pain. Especially having to miss out on functions/being stressed. Don't worry, at least it won't last forever! I once procrastinated so bad on a research paper that I was up until 5am the night (morning) before it was due and had to be up at 6:30am to go to work. Yeah, I overslept a little. Ugh. Papers. Did I already say that? Keep your head up!! ;)

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

LOL! You are too cute. Why does that sound creepy....ok... maybe a little. Hope the paper is coming along...imagine how good it will feel when it is all said and done? I like your floors, btw:)

Stephanie said...

Okay - just focus, organize, and then work quickly. Save the fine tuning for last. Get a bulk of the paper written and put together, get the text down. Then go back and move stuff around, spell check and proof. It will work out - it always does for us. When it's done, even if its not perfect you'll be so relieved.

Melanie said...

To all...thanks for your encouragement. I got the paper done at the last possible minute, and it was 30 pages in length!

Paint Girl-Yes, Jinx has a super curly and super thick coat, and it is always like that. (Jinx is a boy by the way...)