Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hold Up... I Am Still Here!!!

Hey there!!! I am still here, and I hate to sound like a broken record, but I have just been too busy to blog. And get week is my spring break, and I still have homework (take-home tests and papers)! What is up with that???? Baseball season is once again upon us, so that takes up a lot of my extra time too (running Eric to practices). Then, last week we had a scare with one of my good friends, who possibly had leukemia (she is 33), and that was quite emotionally draining for all involved. Thankfully it appears that she has had an autoimmune response, which may be acute or may be chronic (only time will tell), and she should end up being alright. (Her platelet count was around 2000, and it should be between 150,000-400,000!)Then, to top it all off, it has been raining, snowing, hailing, name it, so riding (my sanity) has been difficult. We have been doing a lot of arena work/riding, but after awhile, that gets old. I need to be out in nature. There is nothing like it!

Just look at the mud and sleet in the picture above. We had just come home from riding in the arena, and I asked Amber to put the panonies away, because I forgot my barn/muck boots. Usually I don't need them, because Amber never has mud, but all of the melting snow has taken its toll on her paddocks. At least their sheds are dry and warm, right??
See the above picture??? It was taken the same day as all of the above pictures. It just snows and rains, and everything turns into soup...literally!!!

Well, I am hoping to stop by every one's blogs over the next few days, and I thank you all for your kind comments about wondering where the heck I was! :)


Dusty Devoe said...

Aren't you just sick of this crap! I am ready for Spring and sunshine!!!

Gail said...

Spring has arrived in may be temporary but it is wonderful.

oregonsunshine said...

Ugh! Reminds me of the weather up at Mt. St. Helens no matter what time of year!

My grandparents homesteaded in Brinnon (up the Olympic Peninsula from Shelton) and I remember sometimes having snow in April for Easter.

We have beautiful sunshine today with a bit of wind. I hope it heads your way soon and dries things out!

Paint Girl said...

The muddy paddocks look so familiar! That is how my pastures look. Raining again today!

Pony Girl said...

Oh goodness, I love that first picture! ;)
Sorry about the rain...I hear ya, sista! :( Mud is my middle name! Investing in Muckboots last fall was the best money I've spent in years!
I hope your friend is okay and on the mend soon.

allhorsestuff said...

Hay there Mellie dear friend,
I knew you were busy...undersatand. that I have no arena..I have most the trails slogged pretty am planning oin trailering to an arena tomorrow.
The SLEET and Snow and rain are here too!! Pretty darned sloggery.
Well...hope it warms for us all soon!
Happy break..know you'll be running but have fun !

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

We are paying for our nice days now. The sun is shining-the wind is howling and we have tornado weather to the east of us and a blizzard coming from the west. Oh Yayyyy! They are now calling for a severe thunderstorm with heavy hail to hit us within the next couple of hours. Looks like we are all having crazy spring weather.

We miss your posts-but hey, as long as you are "just" busy, we'll forgive ya.;)hehehee

Andrea said...

I am glad you are still there!! I can't believe that weather!! Crazy stuff!! Yucky stuff!! I could only imagine going to baseball, doing kids' homework, doing your homework, and playing with horses, and cooking dinner, and cleaning, and doing laundry....girl!! After all this school stuff is done you deserve a serious break!!

Natarojo said...

All I have to say about the weather over the last week or so is YUCK! Thank goodness is brightened up a bit this weekend and I actually got out for a trail ride on saturday! First one since last fall! And boy was Peppy excited.... Im wiht ya on the no time for blogging. with the studying im doing for my course that Im going to OR for, and the drill team fundraiser on friday, I don't know which way is up! But spring is in the air so hopefully things wont seem quite so hectic in the next few months.

C-ingspots said...

It seems like everywhere in the whole country has turned to crap - weatherwise I mean. We had a lovely weekend and last week was actually warm. is yucky, yucky, yucky!! Heading home to bring the ponies in and then heading inside to the woodstove myself...sigh.
Stay warm my little friend.

Melanie said...

Dusty Devoe-Yes!!! I am so sick of the soupy mess out there that calls itself "spring!!"

Gail-Oh I can just imagine it!! I bet the colors are beautiful. :)

Oregonsunshine-Mt. St. Helens is always nasty isn't it??? LOL!!! We have been having lots of wind this week, but it has been accompanying the rain...drats!!!

Paint Girl-LOL!!! I am sure that our ponies and our paddocks look similar right now, with all of this mucky mess! :)

Pony Girl-Thanks for feeling sorry for me...teeheehee!!! Bo does look pretty cute, doesn't he??? Oh, and my friend appears to be on the mend. :)

Kacy-You always cheer me up! Hopefully the weather isn't interfering with your trail riding plans?

BEC-Thanks for understanding! :) Blizzards AND tornadoes???? No thanks!!!

Andrea-A break??? What's that??? LOL!!! And to think that you enjoyed school! ;)

Natarojo-You are one busy girl!!! Hope that you have a good trip down to OR!

Cingspots-What is up with this weather??? It is 33 degrees and raining out my window right now. :)

Stephanie said...

Hi there,

I am hiding out too - feeling kinda crappy lately, but been reading the posts, just don't always have time to comment.

We are looking forward to a real spring too.

Melanie said...


Well you are one up on me...I haven't even had time to read anyone's blog at all!!! Hope that you feel better soon. Anything I can do to cheer you up??? Is it that darn back of yours????