Saturday, March 7, 2009


Here is a picture of me earlier today. I was trying to look pathetic, but I am not quite sure that it!!! Why the long face??? I have literally been glued to the computer, trying to finish a six page minimum, single spaced, work cited, take home test for one of my social work classes. See??? All of my books are laying helter skelter across my computer desk....
With all of that sitting around, I had to get up and do something, so because it was snowing outside, I decided to try my new Jackie Warner "Workout" DVD. Any of you familiar with Jackie??? She is the totally hot, totally cool star of Bravo TV's hit show called Workout, which hasn't been on lately...wonder why???
( Hmmmmm....maybe I could talk Chelsi into researching that for me on YouTube??? LOL!!!!!)
.....I mean, who wouldn't want a body like this???? Not that I would look like that in a million years, even if I was as fit as!!!

The DVD is set up into three 20 minute segments that are composed of strength training and cardio, and target you upper body, your lower body, and your abs/core. I would recommend this DVD because you can mix and match your workout, and because Jackie shows you how to do a modified version of each exercise; an advanced version of each exercise, and a regular version of each exercise.

Can I just say that I was ready to vomit by the time I was 1/2 way through with the lower body section??? And that was using the "modified" form of the!!!
Anyway...I am not trying to sell this DVD, I just thought that I would recommend it to y'all out there! :)
Hope that you are all having great weekends, and I hope to get a riding post up in the next couple of days. Now I am off to type some more.....


Andrea said...

Love your hair, sigh, mine is as flat as a pancake, sigh......

and I am sick, but I love to write papers. It was my favorite part of school. I would get so excited to do research and then do out lines and then put it all together. Oh, the thrills, really, I do love it!! I am weird aren't I?

I hope your paper is going well. And I have never heard of that video. I think I might look better than Jackie....Yep, I am definatly way more ripped than she is!! Whahahahahahaaaa!! Oh my goondess, I don't even think my abs look like hers under all my flab!! DANG!! I will have to look her up!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh no, don't slap me....but when I first saw the picture, I though to myself, why is that man wearing a bra! lol!
She looks a little too masculine, I think. A few curves are beautiful on a woman....that's why we're women. I gthink men prefer that, too.

You look gorgeous, even with all that work to do. You even have some pretty lipstick on, too. What a hottie! :D

I was terribly bored today, too. We had wind gusts of up to 50 mph and it always makes me feel nervous and uncomfortable. I just couldn't find anything that kept my interest or made me happy.

Good luck with that work out and test.


Adventures Of A Horse Crazed Mind said...

LOL!!! I second what Lisa said!! You look totally hot and that chick looks like a man! never know, I might just look her up on youtube! *sticks tongue out!*

Sounds like a good DVD, I just bought a new yoga one and a pilates one...the pilates sucked and the yoga was actually pretty good. I want to order "Hip Hop Abs" LOL

I actually still want to order this old VHS of "Buns of Steel Yoga" b/c I did it 5 years ago with a friend and it almost killed me!

I also have a secret for you. I've been eating chocolate! Forshame! I have had a nasty cough and cold and havent been able to get out of the house or work out so my "food plan" (god I sound like a dork saying that, dont I?) went to hell. But damn, I love Easter chocolates!

Gail said...

Looks to me like you don't need to exercise with the stick figure. Do what makes you happy.

Grey Horse Matters said...

You've got a lot of work to do for school. It's a wonder you find time to do anything on the blog and exercise. It sounds like an interesting workout video. I have so many of them here. Maybe I'll pop one in and try it one of these days. Hope you get a ride in soon.

Melanie said...

Andrea-Oh no you don't!!! I look just like Jackie!!!!

Lisa and Chelsi-LOL!!!! Well...I suppose that Jackie may be a tad bit flattered that you find her masculine, as she is a lesbian...teeheehee!!! I like curves too, but have always wanted to look long and lean...something that will NEVER happen!!!

Chels-I too have been gettting me a little chocolate (it's okay!!!).

Gail-LOL!!! Stick figure?? I wish !!!!

Grey Horse-thanks for stopping by! I really want to read that book that you suggested. :)

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Aw, Mel, I feel for you. I haven't got any essays this semester but I am dealing with Algebra and Statistics. Bah! I have a Music test tomorrow that's going to be pretty hard and an economics test soon. I should be studying...

Do you find yourself constantly been distracted into blog reading and writing? I always do.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

PS- I LOVE your hair!

Pony Girl said...

Ah, workouts. I used to be SO good. I'd do yoga, kickboxing (at home, to tapes.) I loved it. Then....I don't know what happened. I started riding again. That was my exercise. It's great in the spring and summer. But I don't see my horse or ride enough in the winter to make it work for me! Maybe I need to get a part-time job cleaning stalls, LOL! Build pp those biceps!
Hang in there, studying girl!

allhorsestuff said...

Are ya gonna get the fantastic Silver- Hot- Pants?
I think it would make anyone try harder!Hahaha!!!!

Wish I could do your hair, I love it! I just had someone new give mine a try...and she botched me up pretty badly. But it grows very quickly.I will keep wearing my hats.

Wow some homework. Hang in mrs student-mom!Your work will pay off.
Our desk resembles yours at times with my B-man testing online and such!

PS guess it is just as well you missed the e-mail about me moving and the was ugly! I was ugly!

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Stephanie said...

Ahhh I hated those papers too! Know that this cowgirl has been in your shoes!

Nice hair by the way!

You guys got snow too?! Crap did no one escape the snow this weekend/week. Actually it is snowing right now in Spokane we have 3 inches and counting - i think i want to vomit....

Blue Eyed Tango said...

Have you ever tried Zumba? It's a blast if you like to dance and they say it really burns calories while having fun...time passes by quickly?

Hope your paper goes well for such a noble profession! My niece is doing social work and her job is transporting foster to and from their homes...very sad indeed. Don't study too hard....good for you taking some time out for you!

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

You look like Elizabeth Shue in your pic!
count me out on the paper writing and workouts!:-)