Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All the People....

So I have not had any classes this week, but I have been gone just as much as I would be if I did have classes this week. (Did that just make any sense???) LOL!! I really appreciate everyone hanging in there with me, and I am counting down the days until summer vacation starts. (I am pathetic, I know!!)

I am also wondering how I am going to cope when I have to go back to work after having two summers off. Now THAT is!!!!Today was dentist and orthodontist appointment day, and we literally drove from one area of the Puget Sound to the other...seriously!!! And my little redneck boy made some really cute comments while we were sitting at a stoplight in the BIG city. Here is a rundown of that conversation:
Eric: Man...I am sure glad that we live out in the country!

Me: Oh yeah? Why is that?

Eric: Because the city is creepy and scary!

Me: Why is it creepy and scary Eric?? Nothing bad has ever happened to you in the city.

Eric: 'Cause of all the people. Look at all of them!! It's just creepy to have so many people in one space.

Me: Well just so you know Eric, (pointing to all of the people milling about) they think that where we live is creepy and scary, and that is why some of them live here in the city.

Eric: Seriously mom??? That's just weird!!! Why would you want to live somewhere like this?? It's dirty, and scary, and people shoot and kill each other and stuff....

So round and round we went, but in the end, I had to agree with Eric that I would never want to live in the city. I mean, would you find dead deer head's and deer targets in a Man-Room in the city??? Maybe, but probably!!!! (Just so you know, we don't usually have target deer in our Man-Room either. Eric had to make a few repairs to this one, and because it was raining, brought it inside for a bit)

Hope that you are all having great weeks so far!!!


Pony Girl said...

That is so true what you said....about people being afraid to live in the country...and others being afraid to live in the city! It's interesting, you wonder if they have experienced both lifestyles and felt more comfortable with one over the other, or, are just more comfortable with what they know, having never experienced the other (am I making any sense, LOL!)
I love the pics of the kiddos with their fresh catch! ;:)

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I love living in the country away from lots of people but I couldn't stand never going to the city. It's a rare day that I don't make the trip to town. I get withdrawals if I don't go anyplace, seriously!

allhorsestuff said...

Oh har!
We live in the city, dream of living in the country! We have Harvey and Phiipe on our walls...two dead deers!
I love to decorate tham for the holidays.

I will be glad when you do finally get ooff for summer...but workinmg least ther should NOT be homework huh!

I just noticed something that made me laugh...the little arrow on your header under the noseband!

me weirdo me

Adventures Of A Horse Crazed Mind said...

LOL Great post. I feel comfortable in the city or the country...just so long as I am dressed right for either one. I hate going to the city dressed like a country bumpkin and hate going to the country dressed like some city girl snob. lol Though I have to say one of my favorite memories as a teen was when my boyfriend, his friend and I drove through the city in his big (HUGE) jacked up truck (with push bar, bar lights, Remington stickers, etc.) with the windows down and Garth Brooks cranked up! LOL

Your "target deer" looks like a Bambie figurine.... that is not right! lol

Natarojo said...

I wouldn't say I'm scared of the city, but i'm definately more comfortable in the country. But I must agree that there is just somethin' about drivin' through town in a jacked up truch with the country music blasting!

I love the pics of your kidlets with the fish! I've been fishing a few times, but I'm yet to make a catch.... I usually spend more time out on the quads when we go camping.

allhorsestuff said...

Mellie!!! hope that you changed on purpose and not because of that silly little arrow no one ever noticed!
I think the new header is more YOU though,
I love it!

I have to dig up my fish picture...we used to go to Canada every year while In grew and his best bud were into fishing King Salmon...they caught them then he MADE me hold one...My face!!! And I ran for the bathroom to take a shower after!

Melanie said...

Kacy-LOL!!! Nope!! I changed it because it is more me...more real. :)

Andrea said...

That is too funny!! OH my, hee hee hee!! I always swore I would never have any dead animals in my house!! Now I have an Elk head and a cow hide in my house!! LOL!! I also would love some cow hide on my couch!! Eric, you crack me up!! I wouldn't want to live in the city with all those people either. They just don't know what they are missing. But let's not tell them, because then we wouldn't live in the country anymore! :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Seriously I didn't even know that was a deer target! I thought it might be a pretty deer statue decorating your living space. lol! How pathetic is that? :D

I could go months without ever going to the city....and I have. My blood pressure rises and I sometimes feel panic when we first enter into a city.
I love uncrowded country roads, landscapes filled with trees and hills and wide open spaces....not concrete and wall to wall houses and strip malls and cars racing here and there.

I'm glad that there are cities, the country stays uncrowded and most everyone can live in the city.