Thursday, July 29, 2010

If Wishes Were Horses.....

If I were seriously able to horse shop right now, which I am not, I would fly down to CA and check this handsome boy out. His owner did a good job on his video too, as she shows him going both English and Western.
If he were to vet clean, he looks like he would be a fun horse; if not for me, then for my kidlets. Sigh.....
And while I was down there, I would stop in and ride Wesley, a Hanoverian/Oldenburg gelding. I don't know if I can picture myself out on the trail with him!!! He doesn't exactly scream "trail horse" now, does he???
And who doesn't love a horse that looks like a giant American Shetland Pony??? On my way home from CA, I can make a small detour through CO, and test drive this sturdy looking Morgan gelding. And with a name like Mandalay Bay, how could one go wrong????
Now, another breed that often catches my eye, as they are known for being intelligent, sure-footed, and hardy, is the Halflinger. I could visit this handsome fella once back in my home state of WA.
Now, not being a Halflinger person, I would most likely never spend $20,000 on one, but I bet he is worth every penny of it.
I was going to include some other horses that really caught my eye (at first), until I looked closer and saw that they had/have weak necks. That is one of my (and my sister, Amber's) pet peeves: A good looking horse with a wimpy neck.

I will save that for another post. Hope you enjoyed looking with me. : )


Mrs Mom said...

Ahhh horsey eye candy! ;)

Loved them all!!

Gail said...

Beautiful, every one.

If you ever had a Haflinger, you may fall in love. My Charme is a delight and bomb proof.

Paint Girl said...

When I had my horses in training at a barn, the barn owners bred Haflingers. I wish I would have gotten the opportunity to ride one! They are very beautiful!

Chelsi said...

My oh my! What pretty heads they all have;D

Melanie said... crack me!!!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Mel-You are always so kind with your compliments about my horses. Thanks!

I don't like puny/weak necks either. Moon's narrow, spindly neck annoys me to no end. I much prefer to look down and see a nice round, muscled neck.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I've always loved Haffies and Fjords. Wish they weren't so rare and so expensive.

Skinny, weak giraffe necks on a horse are almost as bad as a huge thick neck with a tiny little head.


Breathe said...

I like that morgan - It's my dream horse, once I figure out how to ride. :)

I really appreciate your comment, btw - is it okay to post?

Also I plan on tossing up some videos of me riding, so I'll be expecting some straight talk.

Appreciated you speaking out on AZ too. It helps me feel like the equine blog world is not so... one sided. Let's get that wine/water/shiner bock happening some time!