Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Horse Update.....

The sun finally decided to come out today, so the kidlets and I headed up for a quick visit with Amber and the panonies. Amber has a new job, with new days off, and we have had a hard time coordinating riding times.

That and the terrible weather we have had...and baseball...and, well, life...... The horses were a bit sleepy today because the weather has been cloudy and rainy, with temps in the 50's, and today it shot up to 79. The rest of the week is supposed to be hotter, but you will not hear me complain! It is about time that we have sunshine and warm temps...it's July for Pete's sake...lol!!!
Another reason that we have not been riding much is that Waska has been having a lot of issues since, I don't know, January?? He actually foundered (mildly-moderately), was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome/pre-diabetes, has been lame, and is believed to possibly have Cushing's disease as well.
Waska pretty much lives in his EasyBoots or he cannot walk around without gimping. He was in a lot of pain and on a lot of meds for months, but it appears that he is coming out of it; although he now has swelling in one of his hocks, and he is getting sarcoid-like (they are not sarcoids) bumps in various places.
He is required to be on a special diet for the rest of his life (no grass, no carrots, no apples...no sugar!), and Amber has spent a ton of money on him.
She has a big decision to make in the coming months as well. If his quality of life does not improve, she may have to put him down. He is much better than he was, but he tends to take two steps forward and 10 steps back.
A tough place to be, for sure, and a decision that I hope she doesn't have to make. She gets conflicting advice and different prognoses from various farriers and veterinarians, so she is going to wait it out a bit longer.
Have any of you dealt with this type of issue before????


Paint Girl said...

I am so sorry to hear about Waska! That has to be so hard! I have never had a horse with those issues before. I couldn't even imagine what it is like.
It is going to be stinkin' hot this week and I am working at a horse show! But I am happy the sun is out! Finally! We deserve some sunshine after the terrible spring we had.

allhorsestuff said...

Oh Mellie...poor Amber, that is so difficult!
All I know is low/no sugar index for everything! Hay needs to be tested too. My PBO had crusty necked horses...she has not let them on grass at all, since one coliced this spring..but they continue to get worse...with her hay!

Melanie said...

Paint Girl-Oooooohhh...I will be thinking of you at your horse show! Stay cool. : )

Kacy-The hay thing is crazy, isn't it? It has to be tested, soaked, poked, and prodded. I never knew that hay could be so difficult...lol!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Sounds like Wasta has some system issues and one thing is probably leading to another.

I don't have any specific advice, but here is the number to Frank Lamphley...

He has a product called Horse Sense that should help with Wasta's thyroid problem. Thyroid problems lead to Cushings and founder issues. It wouldn't hurt to give Frank a call and just tell him what is going on and let him kind of figure out what he thinks Wasta needs.

I will forwarn you that Frank can be rather abrupt and has little tolerance for a lot of veterinarian namby-pamby-LOL. But he has always been right. If things are that drastic with Wasta, there isn't much to lose.

I have used the Horse Sense on Moon and notices a dramatic improvement in him.

My mom has used his founder (Formula 45 ??) stuff and also noticed a dramatic difference.

Carolynn said...

Wow. Your horsey family sure has been dealing with a lot of issues. I do hope they all resolve themselves.

I've never dealt with any of these issues, however, when it was time for me to make the most difficult decision for my beloved boy, Bear, I simply prayed and asked for guidance and clarity. To make sure I was making the right decision and that I wasn't rushing things. The answer came back clearly and with no room for hesitation. Although it wrenched my heart completely out of my chest to say goodbye, I knew with certainty that it was the most loving thing I could do for him to ease his suffering.


Melanie said...

BEC-Thanks for the info!! I will have Amber give him a jingle. I also think it is a systemic issue...maybe autoimmune???

Carolynn-You are so kind...I will have Amber read your comment. Like you sai, she will know when the time is right, but I still hope that he will turn the corner and stabilize.

♥ helen said...

Your horses are very beautiful. I hope Waska will become better again and live a happy life. Our shetland pony has to stay away from sugar too, she only eats hay and maybe some green grass late fall. She got pain in her hooves this spring - but I think we saw it in time to save her. She was in pain for about a week, now she is running around again. I hope your horse will be fine again too.

Chelsi said...

Sorry to hear about Waska! I have no experience with cushings so dont have much to say to help:( besides good luck.