Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Enforcer.....

Remember my little puppy, Tucker?? Well he is almost 10 months old now, and he has made quite the addition to our family. Tucker is agreeable, good-natured, cuddly, and tenacious...all at the same time...lol!!! Seriously, he has been the best puppy ever, and it is quite fair to say that I am gaga over him.

Okay, okay, what is the point of this post you may ask? Well it is to tell you about my little Enforcer. A title that Tucker takes quite seriously, I might add.You see, in our family, I am most definitely the alpha (sorry honey!!!) and Tucker picked up on that early on. And, because he is always with me, he has decided that he is Number Two in our pack; a job he takes quite seriously. Well, he isn't technically Number Two, but he thinks he is, which is quite funny.
So what does the Number Two in a pack do??? Enforce of course! Tucker thinks that it is his job to carry out my intentions (or what he perceives my intentions are) and he carries them out well...too well.
For example, when I raise my voice at one of my kidlets, Tucker sits up, eyes and ears alert, ready to Enforce.
If I am angry and move towards one or both of my kidlets (as I frequently find myself doing), Tucker is right at my heals, growling and ready to Enforce.
If I have to manually grab one of my kidlets (as I frequently have to do to break up an argument or friendly tussle turned angry), Tucker is there, open mouthed, growling, nipping, and you guessed it...Enforcing!!!
If I get angry at Jinx (poor Jinxy!) for once again gobbling down Tucker's food, Tucker is there, ready to Enforce. And let me tell you...he becomes a 14 pound ball of fury that takes down a 55 pound ball of fur...lol!!!
Now of course, being the dog savvy owner that I am (and a kind, compassionate mother!!)I reprimand Tucker and pull him off of my kidlets and Jinxy. And don't worry, he makes more noise than bite, but if I ever have to go to battle, I know who I am taking with me...Tucker the Enforcer...lol!!


Paint Girl said...

Tucker is such a cutie! Such a tuff little guy too! Reminds me of my Sadie, but Sadie enforces a little too much sometimes!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Tucker is adorable...and tough, too. It must be great to have someone always there to back you up. lol!

Sorry I've MIA over here. The summer has been so busy and not relaxed and lazy as it should be. haha! I've just not been able to keep up with blogs very well.

Thanks for remembering me still and stopping by to say hello, evne though I've neglected you over here.
It's sure great to see ya back posting, though.

Happy Summer to you!


Gail said...

It is always wonderful to have back up.

Carolynn said...

He absolutely has taken on a job there. He looks like a cutie pie, in spite of his title and I'm willing to bet he turns to complete mush when you offer him a belly rub.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

LOL-I believe they are called 'Sargent At Arms' in biker clubs.

My family gets so upset sometimes when they try to tell the dogs to do something and they (the dogs) both look at me to see if that is what I want them to do. They will only do the requested act if I tell them it is okay and repeat the request. I can really make my honey mad if he is trying to play with the dogs and I tell them to come and sit. They absolutely won't move without my permission. I think it is hilarous..the rest of the family...Not So Much! LMAO

But isn't it nice to have a little single-minded devotion once in awhile?