Sunday, February 15, 2009

Uh Oh!!!

If you have just arrived on my blog, and are thinking that you made a mistake and ended up at WebMD or some dermatology/skin disease website, don't didn't!
Katie woke up this morning with chicken pox. She has been tired and cranky for the past two days, and maybe had a slight fever last night, but I had no idea that she was incubating these things!!
(Below is a picture of Katie's back this morning)

I must admit that I was taken completely by surprise, because as far as I know, she has/had not been exposed to any one who has them. All of the kidlets at their school are really sick, and many have them have been missing multiple days of class, but the word around the school is that strep is going around. Hmmmm....well this is definitely not strep!!!

I was also under the impression that Katie may have had antibodies to the chicken pox virus, because she has been exposed to it numerous times, and has never developed it. Guess I was wrong, eh??? Poor girl!!! She is covered in Calamine lotion and getting small doses of Benadryl to help out with the itching. (Below is Eric when he had them)At least the rest of us have all had them. Eric was one when he got them, and it was really easy because of his age. He never scratched or anything, and he had a terrible case. They were even on the palms of his hands and the soles of his feet! Thank goodness the kidlets don't have school tomorrow, and I am hoping that she will be able to return to class by Wednesday. were all of your Valentines Day's??? I was able to go for a nice long ride, and then we went over to some good friends of ours for heart shaped pizza and cookies. Above is a picture of Bo after our ride, and in case you are wondering, he is not tied to the trailer by his bridle. I just stuck the reins through the loop so I could snap this picture.
I promise to post more on the ride and more on our weekend later. I have a lot of homework to do now, so I am signing off! :)


Grey Horse Matters said...

The poor kid, they are itchy dots, hope she feels better soon. Love the picture of your horse, glad you got a ride in. Hope your Valentine's Day was great too.

Mrs Mom said...

Oh man that sucks! Sure hope she is better SOON!!! REAL soon!!

Glad you got out for a ride! Sounds like you needed some horse time ;)

Gail said...

Now I'm itching, also itching to ride!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

awww, chicken pox is awful! Here's wishing a speedy recovery.

My three got it during Christmas break when they were small. My daughter had complications-she developed bronchitis.

allhorsestuff said...

The Pox...ooou...remember that and have a scar to help!
Eric with the "Uppy" arms ans poc face is adorable!
Bo handsome guy! Oh..yea..we know you time you horse with the reins all the time mel! HAHA you are so funny.

I had my hubby here - a surprise- last night. He got called off work. We had walked to a local cafe in the AM for Oatmeal and pastries...then I horsed,and came home to dinner and a movie!
Heart shaped Pizza=cool!

Andrea said...

Oh no!!! Poor Katie!! That must be miserable!! I hope she isn't ichy too bad!! That is not any fun at all.

Your little man was so darn cute with his chicken pox!! It's a lot easier when they are younger.

I only had one pox, when I had them, and none of my kids have had them. I wonder if they need to get busters as they get older???

And I am glad you got to ride Bo. Sounds like a wonderful ride.

Breathe said...

We had to get the shot here for chicken pox. Which I think is crazy, because its miserable but not really dangerous. I hate the vaccination intensity.

Soaking in baking soda is nice, although it only works while your soaking. I was a prune when I had them - all I wanted to do was soak!

Hope she feels better soon...

Natarojo said...

Yikes! I remember having chicken pox AND pneumonia at the same time when I was a kid.... not fun! I went for a short ride for my happy heart day with Little Man. then went to my city boys parents for dinner. yum!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Oh darn...get well soon Katie.

Stephanie said...

Poor Katie! Tell her we're sorry for her! It's worse when you are older. But yes baking soda baths were so nice - stopped the itching for a short while, and left my skin feeling so nice...

But wanted to let you know my Valentine's day was so nice...we had a blast and we just stayed home like we have been every weekend, but it was nice anyway....

Melanie said...

To all-
Thanks for your well wishes! I told Katie that everyone is rooting for her.

As we speak, she is in the tub, soaking in baking soda and water. :)

oregonsunshine said...

Ok Mom, first be funny and buy her the kid book titled "Itchy, itchy chickenpox!"

Then, give her my sympathies as well. I had them at 16 and it was awful! I had to drop out of driver's ed, I missed a month of school, just ick!

And lastly, I've heard the last round of vaccine from the last couple years has NOT been protecting from chicken pox. It's going around at Dude's school side by side with something that doesn't quite look like chickenpox, but sorta acts like it, minus the blisters. This leaves me wondering if the vaccine is really just setting our kids up to get chickenpox as an adult- which can lead to all sorts of problems in itself.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh No! Poor sweet Katie pie! I hope she's feeling better now.

I had the pox as a kid and ended uith minor complications and lots of scarring. But nothing life threatening. My childhood friend got it around the same time as me, and she died from her chicken pox. I was devastated.

And then my uncle, who had chicken pox as a kid, had a serious repercussion from it, causing shingles and difficulty with balance and walking. The problems didn't show until he was an adult.

I think because of my experiences and fears, I chose to give my kids the vax. None of them have had it yet, and I hope they never do.

Nothing's guaranteed, I know, and I hope I made the right choice. For now, I feel confidant that I did. Time will tell, I suppose, but life happens, right?

All we can do is inform and educate ourselves and make the best choices for our own families. :)

BoBo looks adorable in that photo, by the way.Funny how we have to sometimes cover ourselves and defend our possinly questionable actions, just in case anyone might think or say something negative. lol!
I didn't even think anything about BoBo being attached to the trailer. I just noticed how cute he was. hehe