Saturday, February 7, 2009

Name Changes

Hey there!

Just wanted to let you know that I am changing my blog name, and that I am sorry ahead of time if it causes any confusion. I am thinking that it won't, and that your blog rolls will update within 24 hours, but in case they don't...don't worry about having my old blog name on your blog rolls. It's fine.
Why the change??? Let's just say that I want to be a little more private. A friend of mine had an icky experience involving someone using images from one of her blogs to lure young girls. Creepy huh??? I don't want to go private, because that can really cause blogger turmoil, so I will just mix the name up a bit.

Sorry if I have confused any of you!!! I am still me!!! LOL!!!


Pony Girl said...

I think it's a good idea! You never know. We still love ya no matter what you change your name to! Fun new header picture!

allhorsestuff said...

Well now, that is a pretty picture, and good reason for shaking us up..if we were!
H K H...nice!
Hope that you have NOT had any of the negative ere mentioned, Mellie.
Have a good Sunday!

allhorsestuff said...

Um, what more could you take??!!

Gail said...

Beautiful changes but sad that you had to change!

Melanie said...

Pony Girl-Thanks!! I have been wanting to change my header for awhile now. :) Now if I could just find a different color scheme....

Kacy-You are too sweet!! I personally have not had anything icky happen that involed my blog, but my friend that I mentioned did. If I did, it would definitley be the straw that brike the camels!!!

Gail-Hey there!! I am still me, and my blog will not change at all....I promise! :)

Melanie said...

Oops!! I meant to write "involve" up in my comment above, not "involed!!"

Train Wreck said...

Oh you silly! I love your new name! I hope all is ok, Privacy issues? Sounds serious. Homework blech... You have a fabulous day! I am honored you thought of me, even if it was unfounded. he he!

allhorsestuff said...

Good Sunday to you Mellie,
I am fginally awake enough to write...this gray sky thing is wreakin' havok on me!

I have ALWAYS loved photography..but like many other things I dabble without devoting an all out study to it. I have a difficult time commiting and staying focused(I admire you soo much with your school!)
So, that said, I am trying to come back to it now. Need to get my "Real" camera fixed or get better with the point and shoot!

See you soon

Andrea said...

How did your friend find that out!! How scary! I try to keep my blog away from my family name. But I guess it doesn't help when I have a link to our farm site right on my side bar???'s hard when i want advertisement for my farm, but I don't really want weirdos to know all our information. I might have to take that off my side bar. Weirdos freak me out.

And I love your new header, and the name is great!!

oregonsunshine said...

Melanie, we all love you no matter what you call your blog!

I get the privacy thing. I really do. Our experience here is that The Corporate Prince had a blog where he talked about his past. He didn't talk about our marriage, because he wanted to afford us some privacy on that level. So, people assumed he wasn't married. I'm sure you can guess how some female readers responded.

I, myself, have had a blog stalker. I've chosen to ignore this person and continue on doing what I do. I'm not willing to confront her and deal with her crazy.

XoXo, Punchy said...

I love you blog and you, and I don't care what you call it!!!

C-ingspots said...

Well hello Melanie!! Like the changes very much. Your weather and ours do seem to be very, very similar. We had over a week of beautiful blue skies and warm sunshiney days with cold nights. My kinda weather!! But, like you, I woke up to grey and freezing fog this morning - very slick drive to work - and even some snow earlier. But it didn't stick and now it's just rain - yuck!! Oh well, what's ya gonna do?? Your hike with the kiddos looked like so much fun and I love that rock picture you took. Very cool!! Have you decided on a vacation destination yet?? So many options to choose from. If you're headed my way and I can lend any info or assistance, let me know.

Train Wreck said...

Oh I came up with a new aka for you just to show you that I am ok with your new name! "Buswreck" get it school,homework ok maybe not? Caboose?!! I love you my friend, I have no problem with your new name. I am flattered, that you are so considerate towards my feelings!!oh I come across as a meanie...blink, blink waah I hope not.

Stephanie said...

I like the name and the header! Thanks for the kind note - and email, it's good to be back!

Got lots of catching up to do!

That's scary about you're friends blog - hope it turned out ok in the end?

Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm not confused, yet! Love the blog header picture too,you always have the most beautiful pictures.
What happened to your friend is kind of creepy. That's one of the reasons I did that post and poll on having the live feed on the side of blogs. I try not to visit those particular ones too often, (and it's a shame because I do like some of them) as it tells your blog name and what city and state your from. My daughter won't let me put up pictures of my granddaughter either. It may sound a little paranoid, but you never know who's reading your stuff it's all public and there are a lot of sick people out there.