Thursday, February 5, 2009

Heading Off....

Good morning to you all!!! As promised, I am done with the online journaling about my past equine experiences...for!!! I am sure that I have bored several of you to death, and I am moving on...

Oh, and Kacy??? This is the picture that I mentioned like a week or two ago. This trail made me think of you and your Wa mare, out practicing with natures cavalettis! :) You can't really see the downed saplings very well (they got bigger as we went along), but they were just the right size.
So, today I am back to school, and I am not happy about!!! Five days off was not enough of a "mind" break in my opinion. Maybe I should take that up with PLU??? Just kidding!! I will not be able to ride tomorrow, as I will be in class, so here's to hoping for better, warmer, and longer days, right??On a positive note, the sun has been shining around here, and it has been in the 60's for about one week. I feel like a whole new woman!!! isn't getting dark until around 5:40. Can you all say "Yaaaaaaaaay!!!!"
Well, I am off to class. Hope that you all have great ends to your weeks!


Natarojo said...

Aw back to school must bite! But I too am glad the days are getting longer and brighter! I actually had 80% of the horses in at the barn last night before it was totally dark! AND I got to ride! Yay!

Andrea said...

No more school!! 5 days is really not a long enough break. At least you have had wonderful weather!! Hooray, and wooden caakettis, how much fun!!

The woods there are so pretty. We don't have trails like that around here. I would have to drive about three hours north to get really great trails. Which I need to do more often.

And I have did some back reading and I like the steady non bucking horses too. It's the reason why my four year old gelding isn't broke. He bucked me off and I have only ridden him once since then. I have issues with riding colts in the winter. And then I am going to send him to a trainer to finish it for me. I am not a romantic when it comes to crazy bucking horses, send them way to be fixed and then I can handle the rest!! LOL!!

And I loved looking at the old pictures Shadest. He was really a pretty boy!!

allhorsestuff said...

Hi there Mellie!
I sure love Bo's white ears in your trail pics!!
Thanks for thinking of me out there..yea, I do the same with you too now all-the-time! We really do need to meet up for a ride sometime...maybe I could come to your place with the mare and stay for a day /overnight? Would there be a possibility? You know game, will travel!

It has been very warm in the days and burrr at night...yep the fickleness of Spring is nye!

allhorsestuff said...

There is somthing so special about being mentioned in a friends writings....It feels too lovely sweet!
Thanks for your endearing personality and countinence that radiates Loveingkindness!
Yours Truly

Grey Horse Matters said...

Pretty pictures. I'm so jealous of your weather, we're still freezing. Have a great weekend, hope you get a ride in.

Pony Girl said...

I know.....a week is never long enough! :)
Say, I'm loving the longer days, too! I can't wait until I have enough daylight that Iccan get up to see my horse on a weeknight after school!

GNH said...

Amazing pics. You've got a great place to ride.

Melanie said...

Natarojo-Yes it definitely bites, doesn't it??? I am a big baby though...I can do it! :)

Andrea-I remember thinking that you were awfully brave to bring your young one home and ride him yourself, and I was horrified for you when you got bucked off. Here's to finished!!!

Kacy-Awwww schucks!!! You are the sweet one!!! I would love to have you and Wa mare over, but the horses are not at my house. Maybe we can arrange to meet at a cool riding place that is 1/2 way between our houses this summer??

Grey Horse-Believe it or not, they are now calling for possible snow this weekend!!! Noooooooooo!!!!!

Pony Girl-Being able to go out and do things after school and/or in the evenings is the best, isn't it???

GNH-Why Hello!!! I do have lovely trails to ride on don't I??? (I'm not conceited or anything, eh??? LOL!!!)

Anonymous said...

These are fun photos to look at. I find myself looking into the groundcover to see if i spot anything.
I nominated you for the "Lemonade Award" because i have always enjoyed your blog and because you have always been so supportive of my efforts.
Thanks $1,000,000!~

Train Wreck said...

School? Blech, he he Boring ? You ? Yeah, no way! I am with you on the longer days! I can't wait till warmth!!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Wow, I love those woods! Do the saplings fall so much every year?
All of our deadfall are big trees- struck by lightning, usually.

When I go for long backpacks, I find crossing the two-three foot diameter ones to be the hardest thing I have to do. Usually, I just sit on them and slide my legs over to the other side. We have rangers constantly cutting at the deadfall to clear the trails. We met one Ranger who had been camped for days cutting the windfall trees on a remote trail, with a handsaw (chainsaws are illegal there, even for Rangers!) and he said, "Oh good! I'm glad someone is using this trail. I thought I was cutting these for nothing!"