Sunday, October 19, 2008


Warning....this post is not family oriented or related to horses in any way!
Meg, over at Luchese to Louis Vuitton, dared us gals to bare...I mean show...our alter-egos by picking out a costume that we would like to... ahem...wear for Halloween.
Well of course, being the mixed up girl that I am, I couldn't decide between naughty or nice, so I picked out four costumes and asked my husband which one he liked the!!!

Would he like me to dress as a naughty police officer...... as a sexy football girl... a cute little Fraulein...
...or as a dirty Alice in Wonderland???? Well he liked the German girl/Fraulein costume, but I am leaning towards Alice in Wonderland, or the naughty police officer. See what I mean by completely opposite and mixed up? LOL!!!
Of course, I would never wear anything like these costumes now, but it is still fun to pretend!
The final part of Meg's challenge is to change your profile picture over to whichever costume that you pick, so I will have to hurry up and decide who I want to be!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I guess I've become boring in my older age, or more practical, or whatever. But I don't find any of those costumes to my taste, or interest.
I think I'd rather just wear Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak and just slink around unnoticed instead.
Now THAT would be fun!!

Oh, and I just can't bear to change my profile. The pic of my painted pony and me just makes me smile too much :)

I'm such a party pooper, eh?


Mrs Mom said...

LOLOLOLOL... What a riot Melanie!!

I am afraid to even ask my husband which one he would like to put me into.. lol...

You'll have to let us know which one you choose ;)

Andrea said...

Oh dear!! LOL!! I think I like the Leaderhosen, SP??, That is funny! I don't think I could wear any of these!! But my husband would like it, i think, maybe, well.....enough said!! LOL!!

GNH said...

Well looks like I am the only male commenting here-I really like the police officer outfit ;)

Melanie said...

No, you are not a party pooper!

Mrs. Mom-
Come should play along too!!! Have your hubby help you!!!

Speechless? Go to and play along!

Ha! Now I have one man voting for the Fraulein and one man voting for the police officer...hmm...decisions,!!!

C-ingspots said...

Well, well, well...who woulda thunk it?? hehehe, now, if I had the body for it - I'd go for the naughty police gal myself...but, if I dressed up in anyone of those outfits right now, there would be some seriously scared folks out there!!! And, Melanie, thanks so much for the nice comments about my "profession". It is nice to be acknowledged. And, no about the camera - I may just buy one to be finished with all my obscessing! Sheesh

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

Sexy police officer most definantly, it comes with handcuffs! :-)

Breathe said...

Maybe because I live in the land of Lederhosen (Texas Hill Country) but i vote for the Frauline! I think it's the bows.

Of course in the police officer get up you could ride. I mean, those are boots, right? ;D

Too fun!

Train Wreck said...

Leaderhosen! Most definatley! LOL! Look at us still playing dress up! LOL!! Meg always has the best ideas!! Good luck Sexy girl!

Stephanie said...

Just for Halloween? How fun!!

Okay maybe if I have time I will join in...been kinda busy...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ok Melanie,

You've done it to me finally. You got me to bend a little. (I appreciate the private message you sent to me,too...all of them :)
You're good for me. We really need to get together one day. I know we'd have a blast!

Ok, so you got me to bend, but I had to do it my own way. I still like the idea of that cool Invisibility Cloak, sneaking around and eavesdropping on stuff.

But I didn't like the outfits on that Yandy website, so I chose my own. You can go see my 'costume' on my blog. She's there on the side. just scroll down.

Let me know what you think :)


Melanie said...

LOL!!! This has been too much fun!

The winner is....Naughty Police Officer!!!! It was a close one, but I. Want. Those. Boots!
Now...if I could only look like the girl who is modeling them....

Saddle Mountain Rider said...

Hey, Cousin, i think you are more like sexy cop costume. Do you have the legs for it?

Angie Penrose said...

LOL! Wow Mel! tee,hee! Oh if Will could only be so lucky. :)Yeah for sure go for Alice in Wonderland.

Melanie said...

Saddle Mtn.Rider-
Unfortunately I am only 5'5", so my legs would not do any of these outfits any!! Remember though, it is our "alter-ego," and mine could wear those boots! :)


Train Wreck said...

Mel you crack me up!! I love the boots too!