Monday, October 13, 2008

Hunter or a Horseback Rider?

Quick disclaimer: Before anyone freaks out and thinks that Eric is going to shoot his cat, please know that Eric's rifle is unloaded, and that he always holds it correctly, whether it is loaded or not, because that is what he has been taught to do.

Now that that is out of the way, I wanted to put a picture of Eric all dressed up for hunting, something that both he and his dad did a lot of this past weekend, because even though I am not a fan of hunting, I am a fan of my son, and I think that he looks too cute in this picture! Good grief...I sound like one of those kind of!!! You know the type..."Will there ever be a girl who is good enough for my son???" Probably not, and I am totally just joking!! ;)
The gargantuan feline who is unknowingly walking beneath Eric's rifle, is Twittums. He is our 17 pound cat, who has the coolest personality ever, and acts a lot like Garfield. He is also Eric's cat, and Eric would be devastated if anything ever happened to him. It's quite sickening really...Twit sleeps with Eric every night, and if Eric happens to get in my bed (well, mine and Kevin's!!!), or falls asleep out on the couch, the cat follows him. I tell you what....
Of course, I think that Eric looks pretty cute when he is leading Bo too!!! This is not the best picture, but I think that old Bo Bo looks rather kind and patient...and a little tired too! Kind of like he is saying "I really want to stay out here and eat this grass, but I guess that I will go with you....sigh....."This is a picture of Bo, still looking tired and sleepy, after me, Eric and Katie took his blankies off. It is mainly so my mom, and Chris P. (Hi Chris P.! I know that you are out there...Mary told me!) can see how he is looking...besides the tired and sleepy!!! Notice how fuzzy he is, even with his winter blanket on.
...and I know that I have said this before, but look at all of his scars that cover his body now, when compared to when we had him five years ago (below). It just makes me sick. Why would you just turn a bunch of horses out in a small pasture, with limited food and shelter, and think that it was OK???!!! His coat does not even look like the same horse (you can click on both pictures to enlarge them)!
It is kind of fun to look at Bo when he was 13, and then look at him now at 20. Talk about turning white!!!
Well, I am off to read a couple of chapters and study for a at you all soon....


lytha said...

omg, he's gonna shoot that cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry, couldn't help it. gun safety at that age is a good thing!

(do you live in montana?!)

your bo looks like my baasha!!!!!!!


lytha said...

doh! he's wearing a Seahawks shirt. that would be seattle, my city: )


allhorsestuff said...

ha ha ha ha!
too too funny!
I know about the scars on the horse bod..just from one summer with Pantz-Wa has them mostly on the right side..what's that mean?
Well, it is good for me to have them separted now for many various reasons!
Your boy and that very large kitty are so cute. Our animals..we love em' as family!
Yea...Family...and our little cutie manx( who is aging now)..can't seem to pee in the box anymore..just out of it..sometimes on US! OH!

Cara said...

Twit is a big one! I know about cats and cameras. I have two cats. All you have to do is get the camera out and they show up, looking bored, like they don't care. Don't believe that for a minute! They get in ALL the pictures.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Yep-that time of year again. Megan has been wanting to go scope out the "big bucks". Me? I am all about the meat in the freezer-she is gonna have to settle for a couple of does this year.

What a beautiful cat!! Megan's is the same with her. Even "my" cat prefers to snuggle with her at night...the traitor.;)

Poor Bo-people's idiotic behavior has ceased to amaze me.

Melanie said...

LOL!!! Eric loves that you thought we lived in Montana! That is where he would love to live.

Twit has a way of getting in every picture...especially if Eric is in it!

lytha said...

interesting, i just noticed his vest. one time i was riding on taylor mountain (issaquah) and ran into a hunter. i was riding a deer-colored horse, so the hunter was kind enough to give me an orange vest. i guess he wanted to be sure he didn't shoot me. nice!

but as i was wearing it, i noticed it wasn't just orange, it was orange with a black camoflage pattern all over it.

what's that? are you supposed to see me, or not!?

ask eric please, to explain it to me. he's got almost the same vest.


Melanie said...

Great question, and Eric was happy to answer it for me and you!

WA state law requires that hunters wear 400 square inches of visible orange that sits above their wastes, and this only applies to rifle hunters, not bow hunters or muzzle loaders (although my hubby makes Eric wear orange ANY time he is out hunting!).

So...when Eric is actually out hunting, he wears an orange stocking hat, and his dad throws another solid orange vest on him, but he lets him wear the orange and camo vest, the one in the picture, while in the truck (or at home while mom is taking pictures of!!).

As far as the hunter that you saw, both Eric and my husband said that while adults (18 and over) should follow the same 400 sq. inch rule, they don't always, and that some orange, even if it has a camo print on it (how silly, right?), is better than none.

The scary thing about orange and hunting to me is, that a lot of states don't even require that hunters wear it at all!

I am not a fan of hunting...I think that a lot of hunters are unethical and inhumane, but my husband comes from a long line of hunters, and (unfortunately!), my son shares in this sport. Eric has grown up around firearms, and has taken hunter safety education classes, and the fact that his dad, cousins, uncles etc... are all avid hunters, helps to ensure the safety of both Eric, themselves, and other people, during hunting season.

It is tough for me!!!
They need a mother of young hunter's support group!

Mrs Mom said...

hehe... *I* see a handsome Arab who has a thing for "round"! Bo is my favorite color on a horse- FAT!!!

He looks FANTASTIC. Absolutely fantastic. So glad that he is with you guys for good now, as he has the Life of Riley there!!!

Dude.. that is a huge kitty. Who looks like a total character to have around!! Thanks for sharing Twit with us too! (LOVE the

Melanie said...

Mrs. Mom-

He does look mighty round in this picture, but I think that some of it can be attributed to his furry little!!!

Andrea said...

What a cutie!! I get so nervous when my 7 year old wants to go out hunting! Your little man is very handsome in all his camo!!

And he and Bo look good together. Poor Bo and all his scratches. I know my colt has some scares and they are more noticeable when he gets his winter coat.

Stephanie said...

Bo sure is a cutie!

He has that old time Arab look that I actually like. There is one I wouldn't mind having....

20 meter circle of life said...

Bo kind of reminds me of someone,,,can youguess who??

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

You know us with the "bully" horses of the pasture never have to worry about those kinds of scars;-) j/k

Why not solve the hunter/rider dilema for Eric and make him into a foxhunter :-)

lytha said...

thanks eric! have fun in beautiful washington state, i sure miss my wild endless forests with no one but me, my horse, and perhaps an occasional hunter...


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a handsome cutie Eric is! :)
Eric and my 5 yr old daughter have a little in common, too. She has a kitty that is attached to her like velcro. If Jenna leaves the house, the kitty will cry and cry, and she snuggles up under my daughter's chin and around her head at night. It looks like my daughter can barely breathe!

I love Bo. He looks so relaxed and calm. My kind of horse. I've never been much into geldings, but he doesn't seem the typical in-your-face kind of nosy gelding. Is he?

Bo looks blissfully happy and relaxed in his life with your family.
It's really so wonderful that he's found you again. :)


Anonymous said...

I like the fox hunter idea,but what will he do with his gun?

Melanie said...

LOL!!! I love Denise's fox hunting idea-sans the killing of the fox!-and I am not sure what he would do with his rifle...get rid of it perhaps???