Monday, August 4, 2008

Wascally Wabbits!

We went for another one of our family rides the other night, but this one had a purpose: bear season opened up, and the boys wanted to go out and shoot themselves some "bar." Sorry for the little Midwestern accent there...what can I say...I lived in Illinois until I was 11! The goal was to head up to a giant clear-cut, an area that has been deforested, and glass-- otherwise known as sitting around with binoculars to you eyes!!"--the stumps for the little black, furry, creatures. Do you think that I would let my boys shoot a "bar" if I am with them???? Absolutely not...but I have to pretend that I would, or they won't take me :)

There are rather large herds of elk in the woods around our house, and here you can see what is commonly referred to as a "game trail," coming down off the hillside. See how much hunting jargon you are learning from this post? It is fun to take off on these trails when you are on horseback, it's just that we usually don't make it very far. Even though elk are as big as a horse, they do not have riders on their backs when they make their trails, so there is often too many branches and things that get in the way.
We went waaaayyyy up an old logging road--to a giant clear-cut!!--and this was the view. If you click on the picture and make it larger, the largest "bump" on the right, is a picture of the little mountain that we hike up, and the town to the left, is our town.Look at my little redneck girlie and her red Ryder BB gun! She is really dressed quite properly for target shooting...what with her pink camo coat and her pink flip flops!
Oh no, and what do we have here????" vewey vewey quiet!!!""I am looking for that wascally wabbit!"

Ahhhhh stop Eric!!!! What can I say??? My son likes to hunt. He was just playing around with his BB gun, but he actually has a 243 Winchester--that means absolutely NOTHING to me!!--and a 243, bolt action....something or another...oh yeah...he just reminded me that he also has a 410 shotgun...whaaaaaa?????? Don't worry though, he just passed his hunter safety class this past spring, so he is good to go...we hope :) is a picture of part of the vast, enormous, monotonous, clear-cut that the boys patiently glassed...for about 45 minutes. Did I mention that it was REALLY cold up there, and that I had my shorts on? No? Well, lets just say that after about 15 minutes of walking around and taking pictures, Katie and I got back in the truck.Neither of these pictures does the clear-cut much justice. In the one above, it dropped down about 300 feet, it's just that my camera makes it look like 100.Isn't clear-cut ugly? It's just a bunch of stumps and brush, but supposedly, the "bar" find all of those nice, juicy stumps irresistible. Needless to say, the boys did not find their "bar," and we headed back towards home.'s off to the grocery store for me...wish me luck!


Andrea said...

That looks like fun!! I love your little redneck daughter!! So no bears then! Shucks maybe next time! It's so beautiful there! I love the mountains.
THanks for stopping by my blog!!

jesterjigger said...

I love the pink camo! I have a pair of Zocks that would match her jacket. And that sky picture, wowzer!

Twinville said...

Katie is darling in her pink camo. Guns make me nervous. Your son has quite the collection. I'll be sure to never get on his bad sad. gah!

The sharp contrast at the forest/clear cut edge is shocking! How awful! :(

Twinville said...

oops. I meant 'bad SIDE" I type way too fast to NOT make mistakes. haha!

Momma / Cowgirl said...

That is way too cool to be able to go out like that. My youngest, TRuck, (he is 20) go out spotlighting at night to watch for elks. He has a great time.

Great pic of the sky!
happy horsin around!