Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Better Weather Ahead!

Thankfully, it looks like summer is trying to make another appearance around here--yay!!!--and the kids have been able to swim, and do other "summer" activities, outside again.

You can definitely tell that fall is around the corner though, especially when you see these... Due to our cool weather, the blackberries are a bit mixed up. As you can see, some are green and some are red,while some just still look like this...I guess we will have an extended blackberry season--too bad that I don't bake!!-- although Trail Riding Cowgirl has an excellent "cowgirl cobbler" that I think I am going to have to try. Now if I can just talk my hubby in to picking me some blackberries.....Blackberries really are quite annoying, and they take over everything!!! Look at how these ones just up and grew over this little tunnel. I am not sure, but I don't think that blackberries, at least not the wild variety, are native to Washington. Do any of you Washingtonians out there know?OK, this is not a blackberry, but he is a cute, little, frog that the kids and I saw on our bike ride yesterday. Poor frog!!! He really was quite resilient. The kids played with him for about 20 minutes before I said that it was time to move on. He was forever grateful to me...I know he was!On another note, I have been both happy and sad that summer is almost over, because I am not looking forward to all of my free time being spent on homework. After spending all summer with the horses, I have been dreading the thought that I won't have as much spare time to enjoy them....oh yeah...and the kids too...just joking...lol!!! This being said, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my classes start on 9/8 vs. 9/2, and that I have two hours between my two classes each day. That should give me extra time to get reading and other homeworky stuff done as well. It also gives me more time in the evenings, at least I am hoping that it does! I don't know though...I have four classes this semester, and one of them is a calculus class :( The rest are all social work and psych related, so I am happy about that! It will be nice to finally be taking classes that mostly pertain to my degree now....phewwwww!!!!!


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog-I perused yours some and wow-you guys stay pretty busy. Love your Arabs-I have such a soft spot for them. Hmmm...maybe someday.

There was a time, that all I did was start colts, but I got out of it "professionally" and just did my own. Then I quit raising any for years and just kept riding the last few I had raised. A person never thinks they will forget, but it seems that I have forgot a lot. It's slowly coming back. It wasn't much of a transition to go from only riding young stuff to riding more finished horses, but it is a big transition to go back to colts.

That's where we are...me, out of practice and starting colts, that aren't colts anymore. Fun stuff-LOL.

Anonymous said...

You take really nifty photos of stuff! But i really like the photos of your kids and their horses in your last blog. I, too, spent many hours in the hot sun with a video camera glued to my eye. Rotten kids...i loved every minute of it...

Twinville said...

That frog is beautiful. What a lovely color. Good for you in saving him :)
I love how the blackberry brambles are growing over the tunnel. My sons would say it looks like a magical portal of some type :)

Wish I could grow blackberries...anything around here. You're lucky! We had a late May frost and several hailstorms in May and June and none of our fruit trees are producing fruit and nothing is growing in the garden.
It's rather sad, actually.

And I hear ya on the back-to school/end-of-summer blues. I homeschool my kids so in a sense I'll be back into the books again soon, too. We start after Labor Day and hopefully I can schedule some weekly horse-time in during each day to ride.

The Knutson's said...

Saddle Mtn. Rider- Kids are rotten aren't they? LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by the middle of the road. I wanted to reply to something you said about starting to do things with your kids' friends. I can tell you that it makes ALL of the difference. You will not be sorry that you formed friendships with families who share the same interests and values that you hold. Through the shared activities in which all of the kids participate, you will form that bond and you will be assured that your children will have a core of friends that you know and trust. These will become lifetime friends. And sometime in the near future you will be sitting at wedding tables together.

Heidi said...

Oh, aren't you relieved to have summer back?! I looked at the forecast today and cheered! It's beautiful today, and I get to spend it in the dentist's chair instead of my horse's saddle :-( Oh well, looks like it will be nice for awhile now!

I think you are correct about the blackberries. I've had people tell me that there are native raspberries, but the evil gigantic blackberries are non-native. My friend and I just whacked a bunch of thick brambles back on one of the trails we ride so we don't get eaten up every time we go.

Oh, and I skimmed over your frog pic pretty fast. I'm scared of having a boy someday that might want to play with frogs! Yikes!

dp said...

Blackberries are invasive, imported by a Californian botanist in the late 1800s and then running wild. Because they grow so well in shady/cloudy conditions they have found a natural home in the PNW and they will outcompete any native species. Tasty fruit, but a truly horrible plant from an ecological standpoint.