Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rain in August...

So...we went to the Arabian show, but after taking about 10 pictures that were either blurry, or too dark, I gave up, and jumped up and down on my camera!!! Just joking, just joking, but I don't have any pictures that turned out, so you will have to take my word that we went..."we" being Amber and me.

In my last post, I was complaining because it was 90 degrees and it has been about 55-60 degrees and raining!!! I am just NEVER satisfied with the weather around here, am I??? Because it has been raining, the horses have had their lightweight blankies on at night, so when the kids and I arrived at Amber's house today, and took their--the horses of course!!--blankets off, Pig Pen...I mean Bo, promptly rolled in the muddiest spot that he could find...before we haltered him. The kidlets are sure going to learn good grooming technique when they have Bo to learn on...teeheehee!!!

Anyway, my question to you is this: How can a horse go from looking all muddy, round, fat, and this...
...or this....(less the mud here...the kids really worked him over good!!!) THIS!!!???? Sometimes I SWEAR that Cabalero SF is half Arab and half!!!! I'm sorry Bo Bo! I just couldn't resist it! I sympathize with old Bo Bo however, because I am not very photogenic either.
It's harder to catch Waska not looking his best. He usually looks like he is trying to figure out what the little peanuts on his back want.He has the exact same expression on his face here--even has the same ear cocked back!!!--as he does in the picture above. I was able to get my little cowboy in a Dressage saddle today...I still cannot believe it!!!! I told him that if he likes riding bareback, he would like riding in an English-type saddle. You can see the look of utter confusion on his face in this picture. "What just happened??? How did I get over here...on Waska...and in this saddle?"
He did a good job though, and I told him that he can compete in Dressage, or maybe eventing, in the Olympics one day, and do you know what he said to me??? " Moooooooommmmm....I told you that I am going to be a steer wrestler... or a roper!!! I'm NOT riding Dressage!!!!"
It was a nice dream while it lasted! Hey...I know....maybe Katie will be in the Olympics one day! What do you think Katie?


cdncowgirl said...

I can relate to the "unphotogenic horse" problem.
My TB mare is lovely in person but I cannot take a flattering pic of her!!
Especially frustrating as she gets older (she's 27) and I want pics to remember her by... pretty pics!

Train Wreck said...

LOL! I love your son's comment! I bet it's hard to keep that white horse clean with all the rain you get.
You can come visit anytime! Meg was great! We only had dinner to visit though! Next "girls" trip we will make up for it!

Heidi said...

Thanks for the nice comments on my blog! It was really nice to see the family. Also, I like you complain a lot about the weather around here. But going home and being in the humidity again was stifling! Dave and I like to run, and we could barely make our normal time in the hot, humid MN summer! So maybe I'll try to not complain so much (even though it's hard when the day starts out cold like it did today)

Actually, my mom and dad want to move here when/if they are ever able to retire. It's a lot more expensive around here, so it may take awhile for that to be able to happen, but it's something to look forward to! Plus, I just found out that my younger sister and her boyfriend want to try to get jobs out here, so I may get my wish sooner than I thought!!!

It's so cool that your son tried out the dressage saddle. I always wish more boys would look at the amazing male riders at the upper levels of all the equestrian sports and be inspired. They are amazing riders! But having a cowboy could be exciting too ;-)

Twinville said...

BoBo looks like he's saying, Can't you guys just stop cleaning me? I LIKE being muddy, Sheesh, people!" hehe

I don't think he looks like a moose. He's cute!

And I think Waska was 'tooting' in that second from the bottom photo. Does he 'toot' more when he's concentrating on the peanuts? hehe

Oh! And I made up for your lack of Arabian Horse Show photos on my blog. I took a ton!!! I hope I don't go over my blog photo limit yet again! hehe

Twinville said...

Oh and I almost forgot, we've been having 80-90 degree temps during the day, dropping down to 50 degrees at night. That's ahuge difference!

Your son probably doesn't want to exchange his rugged cool cowboy boots and jeans for tights(johdpurs) and black, shiny knee boots. I can SO see him riding cowboy events, though. Go with the flow, Mama! :)

The Knutson's said...

Twinville- Iknow, I know...I need to let Eric be Eric, and quit trying to make a Dressage rider out of him :)