Friday, May 1, 2009

While I was Away in Hawaii....

...Just kidding!!! Did you all miss me??? I have been in the last month of classes, and I only have two weeks to go. I just wanted to get on and say that things are fine...we are just REALLY busy, and I am going to need another week (at least) to get this semester done.
(Above is Katie fishing last weekend)

So...I promise to come back in about 1-2 weeks, but for now, I have papers to write, class presentations to prepare, statistical data to analyze, baseball games to go to, and horses that need!!!
(Above is Eric-the kid bent down to catch the ball-at third base. He plays third base and he is one of his team's pitchers)

(Above is me riding Bo the other day. Amber took the camera and got shots of me for once. Doesn't he look happy?)

Well, I am off to class. I will see you all in another week or so! :)


Stephanie said...

Bo does look happy - ahhh yes I am planning on doing some fishing myself this weekend.

Don't forget the Derby is on at 3:30 PM...must break from school work to watch the Derby.

I highly irritated one of my college professors by walking out in the middle of class (we had Saturday classes) to watch the Derby.

Anonymous said...

I miss you, Mellie! Come back when you're out for the summer!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Shots of you, eh? Is that your knee?

BoBo looks adorable and relaxed. He's got such a pretty head and neck.

I understand sort of how busy you are after talking to Val about her classes and finals. And then you've got the young'ns, too.

My twinlings are playing baseball, as well, asd it seems like every day is a practice or a game.

Well, here's to some time off and some downtime. Well, at least you're squeezing in some riding time, right?


Paint Girl said...

Your probably glad your classes are almost over! You have such a full plate! I don't know how you do it! And good for you, riding still after you have been so busy!
Can't wait to get you back! We do miss you.
Bo does look great! He is so happy!

lytha said...

I love his shimmery clean white mane!

~bo's biggest fan

allhorsestuff said...

Well Hello there Stranger from a classroom!
Nice knee shot of you and Bo!HAHA!
Well...his shot, is much better than your knee!!

I have something for you...I waited as Long as I could and NOW..da ta da da!
YOU are The recipeint of the "Intrepid Riders Faction" award!!
I have wanted to give this to you since you went swimming through the water on horsesback!!
The link on my sidebar will get you to the ORIGINAL-POST..and another symbol choice!!!
Congrats my IR friend!!!
Pass it on with a smile!

Pony Girl said...

For a minute I thought you really went to Hawaii, LOL! Sorry, I was hoping you were able to escape for some sun, fun, and lack of schoolwork....but I am glad you're still finding time to get in rides! ;) We'll be waiting for when you return.....

Andrea said...

Girl, I want to go to Hawaii, don't tease me like that! LOL, I hope you are getting all your class stuff done. You look like you have been super busy. That third baseman sure does look like he likes it!! Great shot.

Meg Young said...

I've been to Hawaii...I am going to have to post about THAT soon, it was comical!

Hey, you have been missed!!!
Love the pictures of Bo!

C-ingspots said...

Beautiful shot of Bo...happy and relaxed. Hope the school work's going well.

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

Good luck on your papers and last few tests of the semester, you're almost there! and then you can do more horse shopping;-)
Bo does look quite happy there, such a cutey!

The arab I ride is really quite steady, he's only spooked big with me once and that's because Peanut came out of no where. He is lazy though:-)