Tuesday, May 12, 2009

School Schmool

Hi guys!!!

I just wanted to pop in and say that I am still alive. The bulk of my let's-give-our-students-end-of-the-semester-hell is now behind me, and if I were not blonde, I would swear I have a few gray hairs...and maybe a new wrinkle or two...lol!!!

I only have the remainder of this week and then three finals next week. There is still another 25 page paper to write, but I have until about July to get that done (independent study).
We have all been really busy, but we have somehow manged to stay on top of boring and mundane things like housework (which is really nice and really helpful!).
And of course I have made plenty of time in my chaotic life to get a little bit of riding in, and as you can see, the boys still have had time for a little bit of "tied to the horse trailer, quick no one is looking, shenanigans!"
My plan is to try and catch up on blogs this weekend, so watch out....here I come...lol!!!! (Not today though, because I will be in class all day)
PS-I see that I picked up a few awards while I was missing. I promise to come over and grab them for you, Paint Girl and Kacy!!!


Stephanie said...

That picture of Bo cracks me up - something my boys would do.....once I was around the corner behind the trailer.

That's when the trailer rocks - you hear a scuffle, and run around to the other side to them standing their like perfect angels with a "We didn't anything..." look on their faces.

allhorsestuff said...

Yeaa..she is ALIVE!!
Great..really missed you Mellie!
I don't rmeber saying or not...if you click the sidebar "Intrepid Riders" logo..it gets you to the original post!
Glad thinkgs are good and whay a funny mouthy picture brom Bo!
Nice boots too!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Glad you're doing all right. We've missed you. Spring semester has been over for a couple of weeks now for me but I just realized it all starts again on Monday!!!!!

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

Lookin' forward to having you "back" but the weather is turning so fine that I will be hoping that you'll be busy riding too! (and wishing I were).

Great pic!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I've missed you, Mellie!

I'm glad you checked in to let everyone know you're ok, though. And I hope you enjoyed a very special Mother's Day!


Train Wreck said...

Oh good I'm not the only one! Although, I can't use school work as an excuse, lol. Hope your summer comes soon. Busy girl.

Paint Girl said...

I bet you can't wait til all that school homework is over! I am glad to see that you are still getting some riding in! Thanks for checking in and see you soon!

bandcg@comcast.net said...

See, it's almost over and you made it again!!!! See you soon.

Andrea said...

Bo is hilarious!! I am glad you are still hanging in there!! It's good that you are able to get out and trail ride. I am sure that helps with school work nerves!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're alive and kickin! School will be over for a bit soon and then you will have time to pay attention to us, right? lol

Still no word on the farm. We may keep hunting. The owner's wife appears to not be good at returning phone calls which leaves me not feeling good about things.

I've been AWOL lately too. I've not had much to say. But hopefully I'll have a post after this weekend! We have the Iris festival here in town and something I'm keeping for a surprise until I blog about it later. :)