Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Beginnings?

(Before I start, I want to apologize for the "ALLPOSTERS" image over most of the pics in this post. I googled "black bears" and these are a few of the images that popped up)

I have not posted in a long time. I don't even know if anyone even comes here anymore, except my mom (Hi mom!!!). I have deliberately been missing-in-action because I have been uninspired or unsure about what to blog about. I must say that I have been having a great time these past few weeks (because the kidlets are in school) and I have doing a whole lot of whatever I feel like doing, such as horseback riding and hiking. I am down 16 pounds in the last two months, and that makes me happy (and healthy!) too.Speaking of riding, Amber and I had the pleasure of seeing a black bear cub on a recent ride; hence the bear photos. He was definitely this past springs cub, but thankfully, we did not have the pleasure of meeting his momma too.
And he was the cutest little thing ever!! I can see how people get themselves into trouble with bear cubs, because we wanted to run over and pick him up...not that we would ever do that in 100 years, but I am just saying..... Waska (who I was riding), Bo (who Amber was riding), and Sienna (who Amber was ponying) didn't even bat an eye, and he was only about 65-70 yards away. I am still not sure what to think about that....Maybe they are just really desensitized to the scent of bears, and maybe we ride by them more than we know....
Now, I am pretty sure that his momma was near by, so after he appeared to not be afraid of us at all, I yelled a couple of times to send him on his way. Funny thing though, he actually came closer after my first yell. Again, maybe not so surprising considering we were about 1/8 of a mile down the road from an elementary school.Now where was I??? Oh yes....blogging. I am thinking that I may change my name to reflect where I am in my life right now, and that I may post on things other than horses. There will still be horsey posts, but horses are not the center of my life right now.
Maybe I could just change the order of the words in my title? I am not sure....
It is either change or quit though, and I am not so sure about the quit part....
Bear...I mean bare... with me a bit longer...I will figure this thing out. : )


Gail said...

You can come up with a great title, just let me know if you change addresses.

How delightful, a bear, and it is good the horses did not spook.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mel!
Change is OK, and good, and part of growing(UP). I can say that even though you are in your 30's. I am still your Mother!

cdncowgirl said...

Just because we're horse people that doesn't mean there isn't more to us! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Melanie! I was so glad to hear from you! I really like this print of "Many Horses", by the way. Yes, Gracie is 21 months and just a little sponge. I am amazed at what she learns each day. She is a real fun little kid. So, as i catch up on reading your blog, i see that you are busy as ever and that your kidlets are growing like weeds. They sure look like great kids - looks like you have a lot of family fun. The Pony Cousins are going strong, adding 2 more daughters to the mix and celebrated our 3rd Stampede this summer. It has been such fun. I'll be checking back in with you - Happy Trails

Mrs Mom said...

Mel, don't you go quitting on us now girl! ;) CDN is right- just because we've been consumed by horses most of our lives does not mean we can not be multi-dimensional. (Dude big word for so early in the day huh? LOL)

Post about whatever you feel the need to- we'll be here reading along on your adventures!! Now smooch those horses from me ;)

allhorsestuff said...

Sweet Mellie woman(and less of her)!
GREATTT news on the your weight loss!! Man, I am needing that myself...but I can't get a break, riding was my program and with injuies of the mare..nada on that front!

Good riding with bears there! THAT happend too , with us, a youngster came towards u7s as we yelled...scared that crap outa my mare and I too...since she could not see him but just hear- and SMELL him!

Well, I am not into bloggin right makes it harder and harder..gonna take the tower in for a overhaul.+++
I've had another mishap at my barn that is now leading to very sore feelings..mine and theirs.
I aske for my mare to be brought in at nights...for the past two weeks...summer is is over- yellow jackets are biting them, bears are about, rain at night, no shelter in the feild...and the mare's want to come in. Pantz loosing weight is my other reason..she get to have her food for longer than 10 minutes...therefore she gets to EAT her food--instead of going without!

All that to say...the one day this week the barn owner knew I was NOT going to be there, she left them outside all night(makes for no stall vlening and no handleing) THE MARES WERE ATTACKED by a Cougar!
I can't even blog about it.. am sick. I am giving notice today, as the barn I have been on a list for boarding called 2 weeks ago! PRAISE GOD!

sorry for the letter!

So, JUST show up when you can in your bolg, let us know your story and we will love you allm the way. I actually get more responces and more sincere ones, as I have been here -LESS-
This blogging stuff should be fun and creative. No one is judging!!
We love ya girl!


allhorsestuff said... change, missed that one.

Life; sometines with horses, always with kids and the homework part is finished!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Nope-no one stops by anymore huh?


Hey, if it will make you feel any better, I will do a flower post. See...I have other interests besides horses too.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Look at all the comments of us peeps just waiting on your words!
Welcome back!

A black bear, I would have been fascinated and scared too.

Cara said...

Glad to hear you are having a good time. That is important.
Blog about anything you want. All our lives are mutlifaceted. We are cool wtih that.

Anonymous said...

Oh, as you can see, we do stop by! And we are interested in you and your life, my dear Mellie, for more than just horses! Blog about what you want, when you want and we'll be here.

Love ya!

Paint Girl said...

You can blog about whatever your little heart desire's! I will still come over and visit! I always throw some non-horsey post's in, sometimes! There is a lot more then horses in our lives, and I think everyone else agrees!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I can totally relate to being busy and unispired to blog...which is why I am late to stop by here to comment. I can't get caught up at all...I'm just always on the go, go go!

Good to see you posting again. Even just checking in every so often is great. Changing your name may even inspire you to blog more.

I've read that being horseback is a great way to see wildlife because they are less apt to run away from a horse.
I think it would be neat to see a bear.....from far away. At least horses can run faster than case they do decide to get too close. eek!


ps congrats on the weight loss and feeling healthier!

maigrir cachets said...

j'adore les ours