Thursday, September 2, 2010

Now You See It...Now You Don't.....

...Summer that is!!! Well, another summer has come and gone, and over here in Western WA, we didn't have the best weather either. The kidlets were only in the pool a handful of times. I am hoping that we have a nice, warm, fall but the jury is still out on that. To mark the end of summer, and to get a nice spot before Labor Day weekend arrived, we loaded up the trailer and headed over to an area known as Little Naches for five days. We were joined by our friends and we had a great time.
Our camping location was right on the river and the kidlets spent hours fishing and playing in the water. The only downside was that it was pretty cool over there (in the mountains near Yakima), which is unusual for this time of year.
We saw this little garter snake trying to warm himself on the rocks in the morning sun. He is about as dangerous as it gets until you move into the lower elevations in the east side. Then there are rattlers.....
In other news, school started yesterday (hooray!!!) and I am looking forward to getting some riding time in soon....I was also offered a position at the place that I mentioned in my last post, and I should be starting the end of September or first part of October. Thankfully, unless I am covering for someone, I will only be working about 25 hours per week, which will be really nice for now.

And yes, that is rain on the sidewalks in the kidlet's back to school pictures. It was raining. On the first day of school. What is up with that??? At least the sun is shining today. : )


Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm glad they all got off to school without a hitch. This should leave you some time to ride. It's great that you will be starting a new job too, good luck with that too.

It's always nice to take that last trip of summer before school starts. Seems like a good time was had by all. And since I'm petrified of snakes, yes, even garter ones, I'd have probably fallen off the rocks there. He looked like a man-eater!

Paint Girl said...

Congrats on the job!!
Our weather has been horrible. My horses have their lakes back in their pasture from all that rain the other day, and my pond never dried up this year. It's dried up every year I've lived here! Crazy! I am hoping for some nice fall weather too, but I won't hold my breath.

oregonsunshine said...

Sounds like an absolutely normal summer and back to school that I grew up with there in Western WA. A few years of nicer summer weather and how easy it is to forget what for many, many decades has been normal!

Sorry you didn't get more sun. :(

Congrats on the job!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Lovely garter snake. I used to be afraid of all snakes, but now that rattlers live in our area, I love garter snakes and bull snakes...anything non-venomous. lol!

You guys always get to do the most fun stuff! Will you adopt me? We didn't get to go camping this summer because Ranchman John was rarely home and we had noone to watchthe animals.
And we don't have a pool...most folks in New Mexico don't, because it's so dry that the water is whisked off your skin so fast when you get out of the pool, that you feel like you might get hypothermia! brrr!

Send some of that rain to us please?

Oh! And congrats on the new job!


Gail said...

Love the Garter!

Things are looking up.

Work?? You want to work and I want to retire. Congratulations.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

My Honey is particularly upset that summer has come and gone and he worked the whole time.

Me? Doesn't much matter to me, I guess. My daily routine is pretty much set in stone. Horses, horses, horses!

Glad to hear you found a job to your liking. It will be nice to ease back into it right? ;)

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