Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I've Seen Better Days....

Hey there fellow bloggers-
I figured that I better get on and write something, so here goes....
Oh, and just so you know, this is not a pity party post, but I am warning you that I may sound a bit down. (Below is a picture by Caspar David Friedrich called The Lonely Tree)I think that I am slightly depressed, because my life has drastically changed lately. No, nothing has happened, but after spending the last three years meeting deadlines, writing papers, and reading text books, I feel like I am somewhat at a loss; like I have no direction.
(Below is another print by Caspar David Friedrich called Abbey In the Oakwood, 1810)

The good news is that I know this will pass, but the bad news is that I am finding difficulty enjoying many of the things that I used to...such as reading for pleasure or blogging. Thankfully, I still enjoy hiking, walking, and running, so I have been trying to spend my days outdoors.

I also think that being home with my kidlets 24/7 is annoying me as well, as I have never been one to stay home and not work at all.
(Below is a picture by Valentin Ruth called The Heath In A Storm, 1896)

My goal has been to take as much of the summer off as I can, but I may need to rethink that. We have been really busy with baseball, and it has been nice to be home, but I think that I need a job to do.
(Below is yet another Caspar David Friedrich print called Bushes In the Snow)Another benefit of going back to work is that I can get a!!!! I have been looking...just for looking sake...and there really isn't much that is catching my eye in the great PNW. However, if I had the money to actually get serious, that would most likely change. : )
Aren't I terrible?????
(Below is a print by Albert Bierstadt called Storm In the Rocky Mountains)

Oh well, things will get better, right??? They always do....
So, have any of you seen Eclipse yet??? I haven't , but I plan to in the next couple of weeks. I always had to wait to see the other movies, because I was always in school.
Thanks for listening to me whine, I feel better already!


Paint Girl said...

That would be hard after being in school for so long, but you deserve some time off now that school is done!
I knew that I would have to go to work eventually after being unemployed for 4 months, but I really could have stayed unemployed! I really enjoyed my time off. Now I am so crazy busy that I don't even have time for my own horses!
Hang in there, and vent all you want! We are here to listen!

Chelsi said...

Aww Melanie! I imagine things are just so different you need time to settle into something new...kinda like (but not) coming home from a war... I think you know what I mean.

Horses will help!! I'm sure of it:)

*hugs* to you:)

Carolynn said...

Even good stress is...well...stressful. And change is very stressful, in and of itself. So, it doesn't surprise me at all that you're feeling this way. Nurture yourself. You'll be back on your feet again in no time.

Melanie said...

Thanks girls!!! Just so you all know...I am not depressed and I am okay. I was just openly and honestly expressing how I feel right now. "Restless" is a good adjective to describe my state of mind. : )

My mom called me in a panic after she read this post, so I figured I better explain myself in case I came off as hopelssly depressed or something.

And, as usual, I felt a lot better after getting my feelings out on...paper? LOL

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

It's to be expected. It's hard on those of us that are used to being suddenly NOT be busy.

Maybe looking for a job now is a good idea (not that you don't need a little bit of down time). Sometimes good opportunities pop up when you don't absolutely need them.

And I'm sure being outside as much as possible will help too. Personally, I prefer to wallow in the house and watch mindless tv until I cannot stand it anymore-LOL.

Gail said...

In all the darkness you have shown me, I say the beauty.

Enjoy this slow time since it will not last!

allhorsestuff said...

So sorry to be this late Mellie girl. You have had some major changes of late, and more time on your hands..and have been disrupted from some things, like blogging along the way.
I am so happy that you are finished was a lifestyle for you..and you are a go getter, this I know!

Something will become clearer I pray...that you may set your sights upon and go-get-again!

Change is hard sometimes..and this one may be..but you'll find your joy again. I too am a bit down of telling you to hang in -is really for me as well.
It work out for the both of us...just let God lead...I know we like too..but sometimes waiting for the new direction can be difficult...yet massively rewarding! Down time is part of the scheme too!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Transitions are always difficult and challenging. I've been feeling kind of down since I've come back from my horse camping trip. I don't know what to do next and my horse is still sore in her shoulder/leg. I wish I could horse camp all the time. It was the life I could see me doing every day. This life I have now is so mundane and boring.
Sometimes that's the way it has to be, though. So I just bloom where I'm planted, ya know?

I hope you can get a job for you soon, so you can start looking for a great horse, too.

The paintings were all beautiful, especially the ones with trees. I'm all about the trees now. :)