Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Almost Done!!!!!

Hey there!!!! I realize that I have once again been MIA, but unfortunately, school and life keep getting in my way. I figured that I better drop in to let everyone know that I am still alive, and that I am still planning on returning to blogging once I am done with school.
(Below is a fine art print by Sue Deutscher)
Yesterday marked the beginning of the end of my academic career, at least for now anyway, and I am really excited. Graduation is set for Memorial Day weekend, and believe me, I am counting down the days!!!

I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I cannot wait until I have my evenings and weekends to myself again. And of course, being the horsey person that I am, I cannot wait until this summer, when I plan on purchasing a horse of my own.
(Below is a fine art print by Rita Cortesi)Don't worry, Bo will still be used occasionally, but he has made it pretty clear that he is enjoying not being ridden every week right now. He is 22, and has had a hard life, so semi-retirement is headed his way. So, other than school, what have I been up to? Well Eric is almost done with basketball and he just tried out for baseball, which is just around the corner. Katie is taking gymnastics and working hard on catching up in school. At my relentless persistence, she was finally tested for learning disabilities, and it was discovered that she has ADD and a visual perceptual learning disability; hence her extreme difficulty in reading. She is doing much better now, but it will take some time....(Below is a fine art print by Cheryl Poland)

Anyway...I have to admit that I have not even had time to read your blogs, and I apologize for that. I hope that each and every one of you is doing well in your lives, and I promise to return to blogging as usual in May. Also, even though I am not a huge fan of FaceBook, I have been able to stay more current on there (as some of you know), so for those of you who are also on FB, feel free to look me up (Melanie Knutson) and stay in touch that way for right now.

Thanks for your understanding, and I will visit again as soon as I can!!!!!! :)


Anonymous said...

That top print looks like Maddie! Hey! Wanna buy her? She's just 17 and would rather be out trail riding than babysitting a bunch of goaties.

Of course, we have determined that we don't really have a safe place to ride here. There are a couple of nasty dogs that roam and wreak havoc. Definitely NOT safe!

Plus, Maddie and I aren't very bonded. Just a thought!


Gail said...

Wonderful art and glad every thing is going well...and you had your doubts you could juggle all this. You have done that and even more.

I look forward to your return.

Pony Girl said...

SO glad to hear from you! I bet seeing that light at the end of the tunnel is an amazing feeling. You will have such a sense of accomplishment!
Can't wait to go "virtual" horse shopping with you. Bo will enjoy (and deserves) his retirement. ;)

allhorsestuff said...

Mellie...was just thinking about you and was going to come and rattle your space for news!Thanks for all the wonderful paintings to view and druell over!

Sounds great there...getting finished with your studies is an awfully HUGE and GREAT accomplishment! it weird to say-I am so proud of you? Well, I give you a round of applause and a super large hug!
Bo...he is so funny, well, he is fine and will love to take you somewhere when the weather is nicer and you are free to go.
Your kids sound like they are thriving too.
So very good to hear about it all...we will always be here to banter back when you come around-no worries my dear!

cdncowgirl said...

It must be a huge relief to be almost done! (and quite a sense of accomplishment) :)

Fantastyk Voyager said...

That is great news, Melanie! Congratulations!! You should be very proud of yourself!!

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

SOOOO awesome Melanie!!! I am super excited for you! And I cant WAIT for the Horse Hunt!!! lol

Let me know if I can help:)

C-ingspots said...

So good to hear from you and to find out that all is well. Congratulations on being almost finished with the continuing education!!! Sooo happy for you, and yes like Kacy...proud of you for accomplishing something that is difficult and time-consuming and patience-trying...and not fun!! Good for you!! Will be so much fun doing virtual horse shopping with you and hearing of summer activities once again. Talk to you soon...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

SO SO SO proud of you Mellie!!!! You go girl!
I've been thinking of you and wondering how you've been. So much has been going on with me here. I miss our e-mails to one another. You'll have even more to catch up on in May!
Give the kidlets a hug from me. And be a good girl, my friend!


オテモヤン said...


Stephanie said...

I am so glad to keep up with you on Facebook - and will continue checking your blog for new posts. We are ALL so proud of your hard work!

Anonymous said...

Mellie, I tagged you for an award over on my blog!

A Lady's Life said...

Good for you I always love it when people get ahead in life.

Arabians have such nice heads. I think they are the most beautiful horse to paint because of their pride and stature.
I wish I could have one.Buying one is easy but the upkeep costs plenty
I figure 100 a month for shoes, then there is the vet shots and the boarding. The horse I loved and really wanted to buy got his gut twisted and died.I think that operation if it could be done would have cost 10k.The saddle is over 1000 dollars Not easy but very rewarding if you can do it.

sanjeet said...

Wonderful art and glad every thing is going well..
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