Sunday, November 8, 2009

Christmas Is Just Around the Corner.....

*****First, I want to thank all of you for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments. Just know that even though I do not always have time to comment on your blogs, I still try to keep up. As much as I can, anyway!!******

Now, back to the task at hand...Christmas is just around the corner, and I thought that I would share a few of the horses that I really like...teeheehee!! And Stephanie, if you ever visit blogland anymore, I still like your Stretch too!

Surprisingly, there really aren't that many horses out there that really catch my eye right now, and if they do, they are over $20,000; which makes them a little out of my price!
Above is a local gelding that appears to be well trained and extremely versatile, and he could be mine for the small sum of $30,000. Who cares if he costs as much as my education????
Smart Millionaire is another handsome boy that I have had my eye on, and if you follow the link to the owners farm, you can see another horse that I really like named Hold the Chrome. Look under the 'sales horse' tab and then look under 'two year olds.' (I tried to copy her picture, but they all copied at once)
Now for the $10,000 and under horses.....
Above is an appendix QH gelding named Ben Has Friends and at $3000, I am really surprised that no one has snatched him up yet. He appears to be well put together, but I wonder if he has any lameness issues from years of jumping? He would definitely need to be vetted. (Well, they all would really...)The bay roan mare in the above picture is not the prettiest thing on the block, but she looks sturdy and honest, and also like she has a bit of get up and go. And for only $6000, she seems like steal after some of the above horses, right???
I really like this mare's quiet demeanor. The only thing I would be worried about is genetic stuff, because don't those Coosa horses have some weird chromosomal defect, or am I thinking of HYPP in Impressive bred horses???? Help me out Chelsi and BEC!!!!! Coosa mare

The appy gelding above reminds me of a darker version of Pony Girl's "My Boy," and I would really like to see more of him. What do you think???? He seems fairly priced at $3000, and the owner is willing to negotiate.
Then there is this bay appaloosa gelding in Nevada. He appears to be quite handsome as well, but I do not think he is as inexpensive as the last few horses, as his price is marked "private treaty."And what the heck is up with the Arab and half-Arab's right now???? There is literally NOTHING out there that really sounds (or looks!!!) good, except for this handsome boy. He is quite easy on the eyes, but a little too old for my taste. He would make an excellent horse for my kidlets though!
Oh, and he is listed at $8000, which seems a little steep for his age; although he is quite accomplished and versatile.
So...what do you guys think???? Are you able to find well-bred, well-trained, and eye appealing
horses out there right now, or am I just really picky??
Until next time......


Paint Girl said...

Horse shopping again? You are so funny! But you are right, Christmas is just around the corner!
I love the Coosa mare and the bay Appy gelding in Nevada!! Gorgeous!!
I do believe you are thinking of HYPP in the Impressive bred horses.

Gail said...

What beautiful choices, the right one will jump out in front of you when it is time.

Mrs Mom said...

I liked that roan mare- something about her drew both Dear Husband and I in! ;)

OK- BECG will know more--- but I believe Coosa has Impressive breeding, and HYPP is also an issue in those lines.

As to finding the right horse... I think Solitaire Mare at A Good Horse went through a tough time finding her new guy Rugby earlier this year. She asked more or less the same thing, noticing that there was a lot of "ok" stuff out there, a lot of not so ok stuff out there, and very few that fit the bill of breeding, training and price. So you arent alone!! ;)

Happy shopping Mel!! :)

Beth said...

Coosa is impressive bred, his Grand Sire on his paternal side. So you would have to make sure the horse was HYPP N/N.

ooh and HI! I havent been around much either...but I try to read!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

They are all lovely! And pricey. Around here anything over $5,000 is too much and will just sit and gather dust.
Most of the horses are going for $300-$1,500 witha few good barrel or roping horses for $4,000-$5,000.
But horses just aren't selling and people are desperate so they won't have to feed a horse all winter.

Which is why I've given up on selling Baby Doll and will probably work with a trainer to smooth out that attitude of hers and control her crazy spooking, if that's possible for a horse that's almost 17 yrs old. gah!

Merry Christmas! What's going to be under your tree this year?


oregonsunshine said...

Hiya Mellie!

Just FYI, Stephers sold Stretch. He's going to live in Florida now!

PS I think she may have left us for Facebook

Andrea said...

Oh I love to horse shop, but my likes are always up in price too. But hey, there is nothing wrong with that, those are some really nice horses. I have two babies right now that I hope will be super nice when they get older. There are a lot of super nice horses just about 6 hours from me, you can find anything in or around Ft.Worth Texas!!

Train Wreck said...

Shhhh!! Thanksgiving isn't even here yet! Gah! Where has the year gone? Gorgeous horse! I don't think the roany pony is all that bad looking? You wouldn't know our economy was in a slump, with the price on some of those horses?? lol

Gail said...

I am partial to the roan, but I have always loved them.

I just let horses come to me and then have them trained.

Train Wreck said...

Just checking in. Hope all is well.psssst Now Christmas is just around the corner!! lol

Grey Horse Matters said...

They are all very nice.

Merry Christmas!

Saddle Mountain Rider said...

I hope you catch this message.... just wanted to say "Happy New Year!"
Hope 2010 is a humdinger for you!