Monday, October 26, 2009

Wait A Second!!!!

Goodness! I don't post for over a month and then I go and post twice in as many weeks. What's up with that??? LOL!!! I wanted to thank all of you for stopping by and leaving comments. It was good to hear from all of you out there in blogland. :)

Seeing as how fall...and hunting season...and football...and...where was I ???? Oh yeah...seeing as how all of the above have descended upon us like a swarm of bees, I figured I better put a couple of obligatory football and hunting shots up.
We were driving down an old logging road the other day, when I spotted what I thought was an owl. Eric quickly identified it as a grouse, loaded his shotgun, jumped out of the truck, yelled "cover your ears," and proceeded to shoot it. I must admit that I am starting to like wild grouse!I took the above picture of Kevin, Eric, and Katie while they were perched atop an old logging stand. And believe it or not (I didn't believe it until I saw it for myself) orange vests really do stand out in all of that clear cut and/or greenery. Next we have Eric in his quarterback stance (if you look close you can see the ball as it moves towards his eager hands), and laying on the ground after he dove for and removed some poor kids' flags. This will be his last year playing flag football, as we have decided to move him up to tackle football next yearAnywho...I also forgot to mention that, after three years of suffering, we have bought ourselves a new travel trailer. It is a 26 foot fifth wheel, with a slide-out, and man is it nice!

Well, I guess I better be going, as I should be working on a paper that I have to turn in tomorrow...blech!!!! I have been told that I am officially suffering from senioritis, and it is just terrible...teeheehee!!!!
Until next time....


allhorsestuff said...

Yee sound great mellie girl! Sure have missed you but I now the times are for studin' these days!
Your Eric is growing up, can't get over how he has gotten taller and looks slimmer too. That grouse shot...cracked me up..he is good!
Oh boy..that trailer sounds awesome...need to SEE IT !!
Glad to hear from you at my place and get to read of your activities here!

Paint Girl said...

Congrats on the travel trailer!! I loved it when my parents had one of those, so much fun!!
Looks like everyone is having fun with hunting and football!
I have had grouse before, back when my OH used to hunt. Although him and his friend played a trick on me when we went grouse hunting, this was around 13 years ago. I had never seen a grouse and I asked what one looked like, so they told me that it was as big as a turkey, that I just needed to keep my eyes open and look for a dang turkey. So the whole trip I was looking for a turkey, they finally told me that it was a small bird. Nice of them, wasn't it? I still have to laugh at myself for ever believing them! LOL!!

Reddunappy said...

My Hubby has gotten two grouse so far this year. I have a lot of fun memories about hunting grouse! Nice Ruffed grouse, I like to save the tails.

oregonsunshine said...

I haven't seen a grouse in years! We have button quail by the dozens in the area and now wild pheasants up the hill behind the house. I love to watch the various birds (and said pheasants) out the office window when I'm having coffee with the husband in the morning.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Eric id very busy, isn't he? He's being quite the young man!

lytha said...

next time you guys are in germany, eric simply has to catch some of our trout. the only drawback is, he has to clean them too: )

then we will all feast together! once they're dead and cleaned, i know how to make them taste really good.

since i have been feeding them, they are more like our pets, and it really bothers me to betray them.

but they taste so good....


Pony Girl said...

Good to hear from you! Looks like you are enjoying autumn festivities with family and keeping busy at school....good for you. Hope you are getting in a few rides for me!!!

Train Wreck said...

Well I can see why you have been so busy! Holy Moly Good luck with your paper!

Stephanie Mills Photography said...

Yikes! Football! I am not looking forward to my future son possibly wanting to play football...I'll be in the bleachers with my eyes clenched shut!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! You are brave to watch your son play football. I'm grateful that neither of my twinlings have any interest in it, because I've got too many rellies that were injured playing football, and some that still suffer from some of those injuries. Tackle football scares me. I'm a wimp. lol!

Hmmm, grouse you say? Never had it before. What? You don't have any grouse recipes to share? How many needs to be killed to make dinner for a family of five? Does it taste wild or gamey?
Oh yeh, thank goodness for those orange vests. Yikes! They would just blend in other wise. lol!

Congrats on the new camper, too. We've got a little pop-up, but sadly haven't used since we moved to our little ranch. Noone to take care of all the animals. :(
We used to go camping all the time, though, all year long. It's great to sleep off the ground and have a table and a little kitchen inside.
So have you taken it out anywhere yet?

Great to hear from you, too!