Thursday, June 25, 2009

You Knew This Was Coming, Right?


This is like my second or third post in as many days. Kind of weird, eh? I chose the title of this post because you all had to know that the obligatory kid-and-pony-summer-pics-and-posts were coming, didn't you?

Remember last summer, when all I did was let my kidlets ride, while I did all of the actual work? Well it has started again, but don't worry, I am really not complaining-it just sounds like I am. :)
The panonies were quite happy to see all of us pull into Amber's driveway yesterday, and we were all greeted with loud whinnies and nickers from all of them.

You don't suppose that is because they know that we will halter them and let them graze while we groom them, do you?? Nah!! We'll just pretend it was because they were genuinely happy to see us-which I really think that they were. Who knows?I opted not to ride, and so we left Waska at home, and he was not happy about it. Poor guy, he really wanted to come too. I figured it would be easier for me to be on the ground, as it was the kidlets first trail ride in a few months. That way, if anything happened, I would be right there.
Oh look. It's a moose...I mean!!! (above) Poor Bo Bo. He definitely was not blessed with a typey head, was he? Oh well, I still loves hims. He sure does have a nice chest though, and straight, correct legs.And then there is Miss Katie, who had to get off to go potty. Why do little girls always have to go potty out on the trail???
See the small creek in the next couple of pics? Well it is an off-shoot of the main creek that is left over from last winters floods. You can't really see it,but there is a small waterfall that is out there now too, and guess what?
This small offshoot runs right through where our trail used to be. The flooding completely obliterated our riding area down there, but oh well...we will just have to make new trails, right?
Well I hope that you are all having good weeks so far. We are going to pull our friends jeep trailer over Chinook Pass this evening-while they pull their camping trailer-and then come home on another pass called Pyramid Pass. There is usually lots of wildlife on Pyramid, and I am hoping that I can get some good shots before it gets too dark.
Then we have the "big boys" loggers rodeo this weekend, and I promise to try and get some nice shots for all of you. :)


The Old Gray Egg said...

It must be nice living in the mountains. When I rode in Colorado, I was amazed at the lack of bugs. If I tried riding trails in Northern Wisconsin right now the deer flies and horse flies and mosquitoes and gnats would be impossible. Have you ever seen a rider buck on top of a bucking horse? Not pretty. I'm gettin' too old for that.

Paint Girl said...

The kiddos looked like they had fun!
We have noticed a lot of changes in our trails this year too. Some weather related and some from heavy equipment, but at least I can still find my way around!
Have a good weekend!

Stephanie said...

Great trail shots! And you know I think for girls bathroom planning comes at a later age. I remember having to do that all the time too - them one day it occurred to me that if I were to just "go" before we left I wouldn't have to squat anywhere.

Just takes time that's all.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Beautiful trails...and cute kidlets, too. Happy smiles. I think it's awesome that your kids enjoy riding. As they grow older you'll have regular riding buddies.

Can't wait to see your rodeo pics. I went to a rodeo last night, too. Baditude Bucking Bulls! :~O hehe!