Friday, April 17, 2009

The "Next" One!

First, let me just say how much I enjoyed reading all of your comments on my post about QH's-and my propensity to be a Looky!!!! (I mean...who wouldn't want an Andalusian????)To answer your question....Am I currently looking for a horse?? Not really, but if the right one came up, I would gladly consider it. As a poor college student who spends all of her resources on her family and college tuition, I cannot afford to spend what I would like on a horse. (Another Andalusian stallion)
Also...don't think that I have given up on Arabians. I still like them-and always will-but as I have mentioned before, I don't like the idea of my kidlets gallivanting cross country on one. Not yet!!! I grew up trail riding and showing Arab's, and they do have the tendency to spook first and think afterwards, and I don't necessarily want my kidlets on a horse like that. (Paranoid mom, I know!!)

"Eyed Be A Tease" (See his ad here: QH gelding)
Even old Bo, at almost 21, is a lot of horse for my kidlets. They ride him in the arena, or on trails when I am ponying him or walking next to them, but there is no way I could responsibly turn them loose on him out there. I always tell Eric that he will be shocked at how good of a rider he is when he finally gets a QH, because he has really learned to "ride it out" on Bo Bo.
Check this gelding out! He would be perfect for the kidlets!!! (See his ad here: Magics Excalibur)So for them...I want Steady Eddy. I want a horse that they can saddle up and ride with minimal supervision, and I know I can find that in a QH.
Wanna see what I would like for myself???
Chelsi and I have both lusted after this guy, and I see he finally sold. He was originally around $12,000-I think-and he is exactly what I would like. Versatile, well-trained, and handsome. (See his old ad here: Streakin' Bolero)
Then there is also this nice boy........Another 1/2 Arab, well-trained, gelding. (See his current ad here: TC Winchester)
And guess what Oregonsunshine??? These guys are in Oregon!!!

Below is another example of what I would like, but Warmbloods, although gorgeous under saddle, often tend to be rather homely when not under saddle.
(See this boy's ad/video here: Cugat) Anyway, that about sums it up. I guess I don't really care what breed it is, as long as it is well-trained, reliable, and sound. I also want something that is registered, so I could show breed shows if I wanted too.
And to answer Lisa's question of whether or not I am still pining away for Stretch, the answer is "YES!!!!" He would be the perfect youth/family horse for showing and trails. ANd while I really hope that Stephanie can sell him, I kind of don't want her to as well...evil, I!!!
Talk at you all later!!!


Pony Girl said...

I really like the bay half Arab! I think QH/Morgan and QH/Arabs are nice crosses.
I do think Arabs tend to be more "spooky" than other breeds, based on my limited observation and experience with them. But I hate to stereotype, too. It's kind of like with pit bull attacks. A lot of other dogs bite and attack humans (okay, maybe not severely injure or kill) but it's only the pitt bull breed attacks that you see on the news.
People who have worked with/owned a lot of Arabs say they are the smartest and most sensitive horse breed there is. I don't have much experience with them, not purebreds, anyway, so I can't attest to that.
If you get a new horse someday, of course you know we'll be here watching and waiting anxiously (and helping you shop, LOL! :)

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

Hehehehe! lol..we are SO bad! I like Eyed Be A Tease (love the name too... because I was one once apon a time!)

Streakin Bolero *sigh* I think he did sell but I seriously doubt he did for anywhere close to $12,000. In this market! They'd be lucky to get $6000.

You know what I would get for my kids (hypothetical kids lol)...

I wouldnt even think twice about it, I'd be getting either a Fjord or a Haflinger, no question. I actually want one now for myself! Seriously! They are SOOOOOO freakin' cute, like pinch their cheeks and baby talk to them cute... SO sweet, SO quiet, SO sound... OK, now I have to do a post on them! lol

If you see a Fjord x for sale anywhere in the Olympic area STAY FAR AWAY (crazy lady)... trust me.

lytha said...


GOOD ANSWER! You had me worried, but I get it now.

I have this wonderful memory of my man riding his first mounted orienteering competition on Princess, my QH/Arab lease mare. There were tons or riders on whirling horses, all crazy to go, and I was on one too. I snubbed the brat to a tree and then couldn't find my man in the mess of crazy whirling horses, and when I did, he was just staring at his map, his mare on a loose rein standing like a statue in the confusion. Completely honoring her QH ancestors by not reacting to the situation. I still ran up to my man, caught up her reins and said "ARE YOU OK?" He had no idea why I was worried. Princess's hip was cocked, resting a leg, and she probably thought, "Why should I waste energy bouncing around like these idiots? Naw, it's always a good time to just stand still." But in a race, she could outrun any horse who challenged her. What a thrill when she turned on the speed!

Wish I had 8K dollars to send for her, so she could live out her days in Germany. She's at a kids' camp in SW WA now. I will visit her this summer!


Anonymous said...

LOL @lytha. I love that story! However my Casey (QH) would NOT be standing there quietly. He's be joining in on the crazy.

Oh Melanie! I love the Andalusians and CP and I love the Friesians too. Maybe some day! After he gets published, right?

There was a trend during our Arab-crazy glory days. My sister used to show for Sweet Home Arabians back in the late 80s- early 90s. Then, Arabs were tiny and less um, mentally stable than other horsey counterparts. Now, the trend seems to be swinging back towards a more mentally sound Arab that is a bit larger as well. Or, at least it is down here when you do stumble across an Arab breeder. A lot of the working bred Arabs are much saner and calmer in demeanor. And now they're also starting to excel in the show ring. It's what the big show breeders are moving towards.

Just remember that when it comes to genetics, if you breed for something specific, you usually breed out something else. So if you breed for kolor, you're probably breeding out temperament. (Or, in Copper's case, she bred for temperament and bred out constitution and good eyes).

At this point, I've decided to take a wait and see approach with Casey just a little longer. He's had some break throughs recently so hopefully he can keep it together without the hissy fits from here on out. Just like with anything or anyone else being rehabbed, it always gets worse before it gets better. I hope that's all that has been happening with Casey.

Anonymous said...

PS I like the bay half-arab too! And he's not far from me!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hey Mellie,

I sure wish you could buy Stretch, too. He is one special guy for sure. Perfect for your family :)

I'm currently looking for a horse for me kids, too. Even though Baby Doll has QH background, as a paint, she is not always calm and she is not a beginner horse, even at 16 yrs old. She will take advantage of people who don't be firm with her and she can be moody and tempermental (probably due to her mare-ness. lol!)
Val calls BD, the Old Spinster becaause when she thinks the ride should be over or we should head home, she pulls a hissy fit and a few crowhops.
Thankfully, I've learned that she's just speaking out, but isn't serious about getting her way, and if I stand up to her, so goes on.

She's been a 'good' teacher for me, although, I think I would have preferred a more dead-head type for my first horse. lol!

Ironically, the horse I feel safest on is Val's Arabian. Nadia's birthday is TODAY actually. She turns 26!

She is calm, sweet, trustworthy, and non-spooky. I've let Jackson ride her out on the trails and she is always good for him, too.

I think it's easy to stereotype, like PG said, regarding Pitbulls. I think it all depends upon a lot of factors, too, like age, breeding, training, etc.

But I would so love to get a Haflinger for the kids and I. Like Chelsi darn cute! ANd not as far away from the ground. lol!

Smooches for you! (And BoBo, too!)


C-ingspots said...

Wowsa!! The Warmblood is gorgeous!! Sorry...I think he puts all the others to shame. :)
I think the Andalusians are beautiful as well, but funny you should mention ugly w/o tack - that's what some of the Andalusians and Lippizans are to me. We used to go to this big dressage training barn who had both - drop dead gorgeous while working under tack, and still beautiful when working/driving etc., but when you saw them just hanging out...plain-jane homely most - except for their eyes and face, that remained full of expression.
It's so much fun dreaming about horses!

Stephanie said...

Holy smokes that Streakin' Bolero guy is a knock-out!

Speaking of mister ADD - I will let you know how it goes this weekend.

Hope you have a good one!

Grey Horse Matters said...

All of the horses in the pictures are really nice. I think for a child I'd prefer a QH, I have two and Dusty and Blue they are the two most dependable safe horses I have ever owned.
I do have to take exception at your one statement about warmbloods though,I don't think they are homely at all. My daughter's horse Nate is a Dutch Warmblood as was my horse Erik, both imported from Holland and they look stunning with or without tack. So that's the only point I'd have to disagree with you in your post. Sorry. I guess everyone has their own opinions about different breeds though.

Paint Girl said...

I also love that bay 1/2 Arab! But than I am an Arab girl! oh, yeah and a Paint girl!
The barn my horses went to for training raised Haflingers. They are beautiful!!!! They seem very level headed and can be ridden by kids and adults since they aren't too small or too big.
But I will always stick to my Paints, Arabs and maybe a QH some day!

Melanie said...

Pony Girl-I get you with the stereotyping thing, but Arab's are known for their tendency to be a little "out there" at times-and I am an Arab!!! They are super smart and tend to love their people, which kind of helps make up for their out of body experiences! :)

Chelsi-I have had several people recommend Fjords and Halflingers for children, and I joke about getting them a Fjord, because they are 1/2 Norweigen after all (the kidlets, not the!!!)

Lytha-LOL!!! Don't worry! I am still an Arab girl at heart!!! I wondered what happened to Princess. I remember that post you did on her. I hope she is being treated well at whatever camp she is at. :)

Oregonsunshine-Arab's are great horses, and I agree with you about the trend swinging back towards size and brains. I am glad that Casey is having some breakthroughs, but I still think you would be happier with an Arab. They can just be so into their person, and that is what you are lacking with your guy. :)

Lisa-LOL!!! I wish you luck with finding a good horse for your kidlets, and I wish that Bo could be more like Nadia in his old age (for my kidlets). Bo is not spooky at all either (he almost never does), it is just that he has a lot of energy and can get the upper hand rather quickly with kidlets...something that doesn;t matter so much in the ring, but is more concerning on the trail.

Cingspots-I agree!!! That warmblood is gorgeous, and he probably would put all of the other horses to!!!
I also agree that most Spanish-type horses and warmbloods can have large, unshapely heads; when compared to some of the smaller, more refined breeds.

Steph-I am just kidding (kind of!!!) and I hope that you are able to find Stretchers a good home...soon. :)

Grey Horse-No offense taken. We are all entitled to our opinions. I think I should have explained what I meant a little better, and that is that compared to smaller, more refined breeds, warmbloods often have large, unshapely heads (in my opinion anyway). Their bodies/confirmation look nice though, so I shouldn't have said "when they are not under saddle..." It is funny because I thought of you when I put that big guy on my blog. He is the total package, isn't he??? :)

Anonymous said...

I think you should think about buying Stretch! I have had my eye on him - ever since i started reading her blog. He just seems like one of those "done everything" kind of ponies. Well, maybe when you're done with school? Ahhh, dreams.
Oh, btw, i know why you have the word verification, but do you have any idea how hard it is to type in those letters after 5 or 6 margaritas? Just think about it, that's all i'm saying...

Grey Horse Matters said...

Hi Melanie,
No offense taken here, I was just sticking up for my guys and I understand what you were trying to get across about their heads.
Warmbloods are great horses but if you are thinking of getting one make sure you have a lot of patience. They seem to take a long time to learn things as they don't mature until they are around 7(don't know if that's an excuse or not or if they are just slower to learn). The whole thing with them is repetition and consistency. As for eating more, well that little Arabian we rescued (14.2) eats as much as Nate (17.3) does. He's a little pig.
I like the warmblood personalities, I've had two and worked with a few and they are all very sweet and loving with good personalities. I find they are kind of on the spooky side though when riding. That's it for my thoughts on warmbloods.

xoxo~ Meg said...

I am strictly a paint horse, quarterhorse and sometimes TB girl. Amen.

HOWEVER, I like new adventures and I love ALL breeds, you are wetting my appetite!

xoxo~ Meg said...

Oh! Forgot to add, btw, I used to have a Palomino that looked very much like that one back in the early 90s. My ex bought him for me and paid $6K for him back then. He was beautiful and I could not have asked for a better overall horse.

Andrea said...

Oh, girl, I had been looking and looking for a wonderful kids horse for the longest time. They are so hard to come by. Now if you shell out 10 grand you can buy one any day of the week, but for a more "mother, wife, in school" type of budget, they are hard to come buy.

I got lucky with the last horse I bought. From the sale barn and a horse trader. Well, the horse trader bought him from the sale barn and well, he was dirt cheap, 375 and an complete angel. I love my Peanut. My 3 year old rode him by himself for the first time yesterday at a rodeo. I was so proud and he was too. Peanut was an angle. Even though my boy was kissing and kicking like crazy, Peanut just walked and then did a small jog. Boy do I love that horse. And I am not sure what kind of horse Peanut it. I am thinking an Arab cross, but I am not sure. All I know is he is an angel and I am glad I found him. I couldn't imagine anyone ever sending Peanut to the sale barn. He is worth way more than that to me and my kids.

I also feel the most safe on the older horses. Peanut is estimated at 20, and I could ride him all day long. Pearl, my old jumper mare is 15, and she is wonderful too.

I have been told that when you add the kids' horse's age and the kid's age together you should get a number of 25 or higher. To be safe. :)

I do think breed matters, but what really matters in the end is if the horse is trained well, listens well to kids, and is safe. There are some well trained horses that I wouldn't put any kids on. It's just hard.

And girl, I love those huge warmbloods. A bit funny looking some of them, but I still drool. That is the hunter jumper coming out in me. Sigh.......

But nothing beats a nice reiner. If you can find one of those for your kids, that would be perfect!!

Well, now that I have written a novel. I can't believe I missed so many posts over here. I am so far behind. This past weekend was a killer!! So busy!